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Wally’s World Preseason Edition Part Deux

Week three of the 2015 NFL preseason is in the books and fantasy football draft season is kicking off in earnest. Or, at least it should be.

It should be starting right about now for your league folks. If it started a few weeks ago then let me offer my condolences to all those owners that selected Kelvin Benjamin or Jordy Nelson to lead their respective wide receivers corps.

This is why we wait as long as possible to draft folks.

Week four of the preseason offers little chance for starting players to get hurt as they rarely play, and if they do, then it’s for a single series or even a single snap.

Try as hard as possible to hold off on having your fantasy drafts until after (or during if you prefer to draft on a weekend) week three of the preseason.

That being said, there has been a shift in the old axiom that week three is a ‘dress rehearsal’ where starters play longer and even into the second half at times. That is no longer the case as teams have been getting their number ones out of games much sooner to lower the risk of getting injured.

A couple of quick examples to emphasize this point are that in week three of the 2013 preseason Matt Ryan played 45 snaps. In 2014 he played 17. Ben Roethlisberger logged 45 snaps in the third preseason game a year ago and only 23 over the weekend. It goes on and on and it’s time we view week three of the preseason as we view all weeks of the preseason and that is with our fantasy football owners’ mantra of “Just don’t get hurt!”

OK, enough blabbing about how the preseason is changing and let’s see what jumped off the field to Uncle Waldo from last weekend’s slate of games.

That sigh of relief you hear is from Aaron Rodgers and every Randall Cobb owner as it looks like Cobb avoided a serious shoulder injury. Keep an eye on the practice reports out of Green Bay over the next two weeks, as Cobb is still not a lock to be ready for week one.

Speaking of Cobbs, it looks like I will need to pump the brakes on the David Cobb bandwagon as the rookie running back is nursing a calf injury that has him listed as week to week.

Looks like Bishop Sankey has managed to hold onto the starting gig for the Tennessee Titans for another season.

Have fun with that Tennessee fans.

Actually, week three was a rough one for the rookie running back class of 2015.

How rough? Glad you asked.

Ameer Abdullah, T.J. Yeldon, David Johnson, Jay Ajayi, Tevin Coleman, Duke Johnson, Matt Jones, and Melvin Gordon combined to ran the ball 51 times for 138 yards (2.7 yards per carry) and one touchdown. They also only managed to catch 12 passes for 102 yards and one score.

The lone standout was Matt Jones of Washington who has looked solid in all his outings and could push incumbent Alfred Morris sooner rather than later for the number one gig.

Don’t panic by any means regarding the other rookie running backs as it is the preseason, but the big winner was Todd Gurley of the St. Louis Rams and he hasn’t played a snap.

So, Kirk Cousins has been named the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins.

Have fun with that Washington fans.

It was nice to see rookie wide receiver Jaelen Strong of the Texans have a good game. Once that team has a viable quarterback Strong will be a fantasy force opposite DeAndre Hopkins.

Now we just have to wait for Houston to find that quarterback. Please hurry back Arian Foster.

In the mean time, the Texans need to sign Fred Jackson, immediately.

It’s refreshing to see Rex Ryan name Tyrod Taylor the starting quarterback for Buffalo. The kid gives the team the best chance at winning. We’ve already seen the Matt Cassel and E.J. Manuel movies and they don’t end well.

The yards Taylor will gain with his legs make him an interesting late round fantasy pick. Especially in two quarterback formats.

Sad to see the Detroit Lions release wide receiver Ryan Broyles but the injuries (two torn ACLs) have robbed him of what could have been an exciting career. This is just another reminder that this is a brutal way to make a living, folks.

Here’s hoping that the pair of sacks that Adrian Clayborn has racked up for the Atlanta Falcons are a sign that he’s returning to form. That team needs pass rush help like nobody’s business.

Speaking of pass rushing help, rookie Randy Gregory is flashing some skills for the Dallas Cowboys. If the kid keeps his head on straight he has the chance to be the steal of the draft.

If anyone has seen Jason Pierre-Paul’s injured hand please snap a pic and send it to the New York Giants as it would be greatly appreciated. That situation has become a nightmare.

Please stay healthy Sam Bradford. That Eagles offense is going to be lights out if he does. Maybe Chip Kelly isn’t as crazy as we thought.

Do not sleep on Ronnie Hillman folks. He is one injury to C.J. Anderson away from a huge season.

Ronnie Hillman will be ready when his number’s called.

Yes, Anderson owners should be handcuffing Hillman to him but I have been gobbling him up in drafts before they get the chance. Don’t forget that Hillman will only be turning 24 in mid September.

Who else is cheering for both Eric Berry and Tyvon Branch to start week one for the Kansas City Chiefs? Yes, I am a sucker for great comeback stories.

That being said, I think the comeback of Tim Tebow is close to over.

Another comeback in the making is happening by the Bay. Navorro Bowman has put up 12 total tackles (10 solos) and two sacks in the preseason. Oh yeah, he has done that while playing only 45 snaps.

Bowman will be IDP gold for as long as he’s able to play on that reconstructed knee. Let’s hope it’s an entire season.

It’s going to be a long (or possibly short) season for Carson Palmer if the offensive line doesn’t protect him better. He was sacked three times last week against the Oakland Raiders on only 26-drop backs and tossed a pair of picks.

OK, folks. That’s it for this week.

Stay tuned next Monday for the Week One edition of Wally’s World. Trust me, it will be the shortest one of the season as week four of the preseason will be a ‘who’s who’ of players seeing the majority of the snaps.

After Week One is when the fantasy gerbils really get running around Uncle Waldo’s skull, so fasten your seatbelts fantasy football fans!

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