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Wally’s World – Week 11

It seems only fitting that Week 10 would be down for fantasy scoring purposes, as there was one utterly shocking result that caused a seismic shift in the NFL (and fantasy) landscape.

It wasn’t Buster Douglas beating Mike Tyson, but it was close.

The Lions won in Green Bay for the first time in 24 years. [Editor’s Note: Leave it to Uncle Waldo to use a 25-year-old event to refer to something that hasn’t happened in 24 years. Allow me to appeal to our younger readers by making an analogy to something that’s happened a little more recently than when the first George Bush was in office back in 1990…It’s not Holly Holm (no relation to Tony, at least that I know of) beating Ronda Rousey, but it was close.]

The way Jeremy Langford has been playing is going to make it very easy for the Bears to play hardball in negotiating a contract with Matt Forte. [Editor’s Note: With Langford scheduled to make around $1.85 million over the next three years, I doubt the Bears try to bring back Forte who is just finishing up a 4-year $30 million deal.]

The way Langford has looked will also make Forte press that much harder to return from his injury.

With Julian Edelman suffering a broken foot I am looking to buy stock in Danny Amendola moving forward.

While LeSean McCoy had a strong game, the Bills need to find a way to get Karlos Williams more touches. The kid has a nose for the end zone.

Good luck figuring out who benefits most in the Indianapolis Colts offense now that Matt Hasselbeck is back under center. [Editor’s Note: I’ll tell you who benefits the most with Matt Hasselbeck under center….we do. Because we don’t have to see Andrew Luck‘s neck-beard!]

In Hasselbeck’s two game stint earlier this season, T.Y. Hilton led the team in targets, receptions and receiving yards while Andre Johnson caught a pair of touchdowns.

Then there is Coby Fleener who also caught a touchdown and led the tight ends in targets.

My money is on Frank Gore as he averaged 20 touches per game (and scored once) with Hasselbeck leading the offense. [Editor’s Note: Look at Uncle Waldo, still hard at work trying to figure out who benefits with Andrew Luck sidelined…I still think it’s us.]

Here’s hoping that the bye week helps Antonio Gates knee issue as the Chargers are running out of receiving options.

His final numbers were bad, but Sammy Watkins didn’t back down on his visit to ‘Revis Island.’ Things may have been much different had he not miss-timed his jump on that early deep pass where he had beaten Revis.

The touchdown Brandon Marshall scored semi-salvaged what was an otherwise brutal night. There were way too many drops for the veteran this week.

Buffalo safety Corey Graham continues his breakout campaign for IDP purposes and will challenge for the top spot among DBs for the season.

It took 10 games but this was the Buffalo Bills D/ST that we thought we’d see this season. They were flying to the ball and creating turnovers leading to scores.

On a totally unrelated and non-fantasy side note…those uniforms the Jets and Bills wore Thursday night were awful! [Editor’s Note: Those uniforms would have been more appropriate for a game closer to Christmas.]

It was Ben Roethlisberger to the rescue as he bludgeoned the Cleveland Browns once again.

Unfortunately, he was on the bench for most fantasy owners with Landry Jones getting the start. [Editor’s Note: It just goes to show you, that it’s not just fantasy owners that sometimes make poor decisions on who to start and sit.]

That loud cheer you heard when ‘Big Ben’ entered the game was from Antonio Brown owners around the globe. Yes. He went off again with Roethlisberger at the helm.

So, Dexter McCluster is the running back we want from the clown car that is the Tennessee backfield. No thanks.

We mentioned this in the opening, but as a long time Lions’ fan, I can’t help but feel it should be touched on again. [Editor’s Note: As a fan of busting Uncle Waldo’s chops, the Lions are 2-7.]

The Green Bay Packers lost at home to the Detroit Lions.

Let that sink in. I will give you a few moments. Wow. [Editor’s Note: Let that sink in…2-7.]

Be worried Packers’ fans. Be very, very worried.

Don’t look now but Jay Cutler is becoming a consistent fantasy standout.

He absolutely lit up the St. Louis defense and added salt to the wound with a 26-yard jaunt. Run, Jay, run!

Of course, it would have been nice if Alshon Jeffery were involved in the rout of the Rams.

Move over ‘Gronk’ because TE Zach Miller of the Bears is coming for ya! Ok. That may be an overstatement but the kid has scored three times in the past two games. [Editor’s Note: There’s a good chance Zach Miller will hurt something at practice this week and be lost for the season.]

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