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After their first game was a 41-38 fantasy bonanza, it stands to reason that a Thursday night meeting between New Orleans and Carolina would be a 23-20 clunker.

Curse you, Thursday Night Football!

It was rough watching Luke Kuechly leave the game the way he did. Really, really tough. That’s the dark side of the sport we love folks. Get well soon. [Editor’s Comment: This is just my personal take on Kuechly’s concussion. But after seeing Kuechly crying on the field, I have to wonder if he might be considering retirement. He did miss 34 days at the start of the 2015 season due to a concussion.]

I’m not going to lie. It’s tough to find a lot of fantasy-worthy things to write when a game was primarily dominated by injuries.

I suppose Tim Hightower owners will take those numbers but a touchdown sure would’ve been nice.

It also would have been nice if Drew Brees would’ve thrown that score to someone rather than Brandon Coleman. Who am I kidding? He would have just thrown it to John Kuhn. [Editor’s Comment: As a guy who traded Brandin Cooks in a dynasty league just a few weeks ago, I’m totally fine with Brandon Coleman catching a few TD passes.]

Curse you, Thursday Night Football!

On behalf of all Frank Gore owners, I would like to just let Robert Turbin know that we hate him. We are also not too happy with Andrew Luck and his pair of 2-yard touchdown passes to Donte Moncrief and T.Y. Hilton. Show our man some love inside the 5-yard line! [Editor’s Comment: Gore is 33 years old and it may not be in his best interest to be running into a pile of large human beings at the goal line.]

I’m guessing that Jordan Howard owners aren’t exactly feeling the love for Jeremy Langford right about now either. [Editor’s Comment: It looks like we could have called this edition of Wally’s World the Vulture.]

It’s 1:59 p.m. and there have already been four missed extra points today. That is absurd.

Wait. It’s now 2:01 p.m. and there have now been five extra points missed. This is amazing.

Yes. Old Uncle Waldo is easily distracted by useless statistics at times. Oh yeah … it’s six missed extra points now.

Hang on. It’s 2:19 p.m. and we are now at seven missed extra points … or eight … I’ve seriously lost count. Someone please stop me.

Let’s hope for the best, but that hamstring injury A.J. Green suffered looked pretty serious. Practice reports out of Cincinnati will be closely monitored by a lot of nervous Green owners this week. [Editor’s Comment: Early word is that Green will miss at least a couple of weeks, if not the rest of the season.]

It looks like we will see if rookie Tyler Boyd can handle WR1 role for Cincinnati. [Editor’s Comment: Someone dropped Boyd in one of my dynasty leagues just a couple of weeks ago. I grabbed him immediately.]

Congratulations to those owners who started the Minnesota defense/special teams this week. Minnesota had both a kickoff return for a score as well as a 100-yard interception return for a touchdown. [Editor’s Comment: Thank you, Uncle Waldo.]

I still can’t figure out where Carson Palmer was trying to get the ball on the play Xavier Rhodes put up the pick-six. That being said, Palmer has not looked right all season.

It wasn’t a bad week to roll with the Detroit defense/special teams either as it put up a punt return for a touchdown as well as an interception return for a score.

Always chase Blake Bortles and the bumbling Jacksonville offense … always. Bortles has thrown 10 pick-sixes since 2014.

Sorry to get all stats crazy there. [Editor’s Comment: Actually, Uncle Waldo, that was a pretty interesting stat.]

This just in from the newly created “missed extra points desk”… we are at nine … wait … 10. I can’t stop. I can’t.

Sorry to see Kansas City outside linebacker Dee Ford knocked out of Week 11 with a hamstring injury. The kid was really coming on and has 10 sacks on the season. At least the team got Justin Houston back this week as it looks like he’ll be needed.

The Dak Prescott to Dez Bryant connection is going to win plenty of folks a fantasy championship this year. [Editor’s Comment: Did I ever tell you guys that I picked up Prescott off the waiver wire back in early August. I’m talking dynasty leagues here.]

Here’s hoping the thumb injury suffered by LeSean McCoy isn’t of the multi-week variety. The league is much more fun to watch with McCoy in it. Early reports are that it is only a dislocated thumb … whew. [Editor’s Comment: Is wrong for me to view everything that happens in the NFL in terms of how it affects my fantasy teams? I with that I could be as caring as Old Uncle Waldo, but it’s hard.]

The news is not as favorable for Chicago tight end Zach Miller as he’s done for the season with a broken foot. Tough break (literally) for Miller as he was having a big day against the New York Giants.

If you don’t enjoy watching Baltimore’s Steve Smith  play football then you don’t like football. Nice to see him have another big day. [Editor’s Comment: There’s a bit too much anger there for my liking.]

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