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The moose out front may have indicated that the park is closed. Trust me folks. Wally’s World is certainly open.

As a Detroit Lions fans I can only say…wow!

As a fantast football pundit as well as owner in multiple leagues, I can only say we got about what we expected from this matchup between NFC North rivals.

It’s usually a tough defensive game and with Anquan Boldin having the best receiving fantasy day it seems about right.

I suppose the folks that started Matthew Stafford feel OK but it appeared he was in for a much bigger day after that impressive first drive.

My apologies to the folks that started Eric Ebron per my suggestion in the Week 12 Start/Bench article (shameless plug) as he was a complete no show. If it’s any consolation, Old Uncle Waldo felt that goose egg in a lot of leagues this week. Ouch.

On the other hand, I did suggest starting Kirk Cousins this week. That call looks pretty good. [Editor’s Comment: This only matters if an owner started both Cousins and Ebron on the same team.]

We expected the Pittsburgh Steelers to roll up big numbers against a beat up Colts defense and they did not disappoint. Fantasy owners of Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell and especially Antonio Brown are feeling extra thankful right about now.

It appears that Roethlisberger is getting more comfortable with Ladarius Green. The big tight end could be a valuable fantasy asset as we head into the playoffs. [Editor’s Comment: If there’s any market to sell Green in dynasty leagues, definitely explore it. He’s yet to take a big hit since coming back….but it’s coming.]

On the flip side. Once it was announced that Andrew Luck would miss the game due to a concussion we didn’t expect a whole lot out of the Colts offense and they definitely lived down to expectations. [Editor’s Comment: The best ability is reliability.]

Let’s see if I can find something nice from a fantasy or NFL standpoint in regards to the Indianapolis offense. Umm…let’s see…nope.

Wait! They did have a nice fake punt completion. That’s all I’ve got. Hurry back Andrew Luck.

Ho hum. Another week and another pair of very nice games for Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott.

Can there be co-rookies of the year? [Editor’s Comment: I think there can be.]

It appears that Bradley Cooper’s therapist from ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ still has a point when he said, “DeSean Jackson is the man!” The veteran wide receiver can still pull off some electrifying plays…when he’s healthy. [Editor’s Comment: The best ability is reliability.]

Yes. Old Uncle Waldo just dropped a movie reference. Get over it. [Editor’s Comment: Never saw the movie.]

While he does suffer from Roberto Duran disease (aka “Manos de Piedra”), Breshad Perriman made a heck of a grab for that 14-yard touchdown in the first quarter. Now if he could just stay healthy…and consistent. [Editor’s Comment: There goes Old Uncle Waldo going all Tim Kaine on us and throwing some Spanish into the conversation. For those not so well versed, “Manos de Piedra” means ‘hands of stone.’ Which is a good thing in boxing…not so much as a WR.]

Is it just me or does anyone else find AFC divisional games hard to watch? The Bengals and Ravens was underwhelming at best. [Editor’s Comment: I do enjoy any game in which the Steelers are playing.]

Don’t look now, but Arizona TE Jermaine Gresham has caught a touchdown in back-to-back weeks which answers the question, “Is Jermaine Gresham still in the league?” [Editor’s Comment: Take a look at what Matt Wilson had to say about Jermaine Gresham in this week’s Traps and Trends.]

There is nothing like a trip to New Orleans to cure an ailing QB situation. Rookie Jared Goff enjoyed his trip to the Bayou with three first half touchdown passes which were the first of his career.

Next week, Matthew Stafford takes a trip to New Orleans. I’m just saying… [Editor’s Comment: DFS alert!]

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