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Last week’s edition of Wally’s World was the ‘It’s my Birthday Spectacular.”

This week is the “We are getting at least nine-inches of snow here in Michigan and I’m exhausted from shoveling.” edition.

At least I’m not alone as quite a few of this week’s games are being played in some ‘wintry conditions’. Old Uncle Waldo loves watching football games being played in snow storms. From his couch, of course…in between trips outside to shovel.

The Thursday Night game had a lot riding on it for one of the few times I can remember so at least we had that going for us. [Editor’s Comment: It appears that the NFL has heard the cries of Old Uncle Waldo and will either do away with Thursday Night games completely in 2018 or limit them to after Thanksgiving. Either way, it should make the product on the field a lot better. And Uncle Waldo much happier.]

The game flashed some early potential as the Chiefs made some big plays then remembered it was a Thursday game and went flat.

There was only a decent second quarter and then a lot of punts.

I take that back as wide receiver Tyreek Hill continued to shine and made up for that muffed punt with a pair of scores. Old Uncle Waldo just missed grabbing him off the waiver wire weeks ago and is still kicking himself over it. [Editor’s Comment: I too, missed out on grabbing Hill, and for that I blame Andy Reid.]

If you started Latavius Murray and Travis Kelce (which everyone should have) then it was a good night.

If you started Derek Carr or any Oakland wide receiver…not so much. Ouch.

It was rough to see Kansas City linebacker Derrick Johnson go down for the season with another ruptured Achilles (he tore his right Achilles in 2014) as the veteran has been an IDP stud for years. This is likely the end for Johnson. [Editor’s Comment: Someone get Old Uncle Waldo a therapy dog.]

Another week and another strip-sack for Khalil Mack. Ho-hum. [Editor’s Comment: Hehe…hehe…hehe, he said “strip-sack.”]

That Melvin Gordon hip injury did not look good (I know…few injuries do). A lot of teams were knocked out of the fantasy playoffs on that play. Yes. Old Uncle Waldo is raising his hand as one such owner.

I suppose we can band together with Julio Jones (inactive/toe) owners and form some kind of support group. [Editor’s Comment: I’m all for a support group, as long as we meet at your house and you buy the pizza.]

That poor Chargers offense has been playing the season under a “Pig Pen” type of cloud of dirt with the injuries they’ve absorbed. The early reports are that the Gordon injury may not be too significant but we’ll have to wait for an MRI early in the week to determine the extent.

It appears Kenneth Farrow is the running back to target as Gordon’s replacement although Ronnie Hillman may see some touches as well. [Editor’s Comment: I doubt either will make a significant impact.]

On the flip side, Le’Veon Bell owners are looking forward to next week’s games after his huge outing. [Editor’s Comment: Bell’s monster Week 14 makes my offer of pick 1.01 for Bell look pretty silly. It was rejected.]

It’s too little, too late for the Bengals but how happy are those owners that were waiting for Tyler Eifert to return? Very happy I’m guessing. [Editor’s Comment: In other news…water is wet. Yeah, I stole that from Old Uncle Waldo, so what.]

Please, please, do not let there be another ‘deflate gate’ situation with the Pittsburgh Steelers. This has been a bad enough year without another clown car story like that to muddy the waters.

It’s time to give up on those hopes that Devontae Booker is going to be a #1 RB for either NFL or fantasy purposes. He missed a pickup in protection that resulted in a sack and simply doesn’t look good running the ball.

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