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I’ve made my feelings quite clear about Thursday night football and I believe the Seattle Seahawks uniforms were just Thursday night further messing with me…ugh. [Editor’s Comment: Hey Uncle Waldo, what do you think about those unis now?]


If Russell Wilson owners managed to survive last week’s debacle of a game then they are a much happier group after that nice performance against the Rams.

Unfortunately, Old Uncle Waldo was not one of the lucky ones. Each of the three touchdown passes was another punch to the gut.

Thanks, Russell.

Looks like Tyler Lockett is going to help lead some teams to championships. It took long enough but he’s peaking at the perfect time for fantasy purposes. [Editor’s Comment: Yeah, for those teams that picked him up off the waiver wire.]

I have nothing good to say about the Rams. Nothing. [Editor’s Comment: They did finally fire Jeff Fisher. If only all of us could walk away from a firing/layoff with $12 million.]

The Saturday night ‘Battle of the back-up quarterbacks” was a bit more entertaining than I expected.

If you started Matt Moore then congratulations are in order and you are a braver soul than Old Uncle Waldo. [Editor’s Comment: Let us not confuse bravery with desperation.]

The same sentiment to those owners that rolled out tight end Dion Sims in a game during the fantasy playoffs. A bold move that paid off and a hearty “Well Done!” to those gutsy owners. All three of them.

Watching the way Bilal Powell has played lately makes me wonder why he wasn’t more involved in the offense earlier in the season. I suppose that is why the Jets are…well…the Jets. [Editor’s Comment: Why would you have Matt Forte active and only give him 5 touches? Either play him, or sit him. But 5 touches? Really?]

When writing Individual Defensive Players articles (IDP) I’ve often used the phrase that certain edge rushers will have a big day and “Let’s meet at the quarterback” moments. It actually happened to poor Bryce Petty when Cameron Wake and Ndamukong Suh put the ‘Malachi Crunch’ on the poor kid.

Go ahead and look up ‘Malachi Crunch’. I’ll wait.

Yes. Old Uncle Waldo just dropped a “Happy Days” reference. [Editor’s Comment: Speaking of Happy Days, how many spinoffs did Happy Days spawn? Take a look here.]

If Petty is unable to go next week after being knocked out of the game by that hit, then we could see “The Amish Rifle” Ryan Fitzpatrick starting yet again. That has me concerned about wide receiver Robby Anderson’s hot streak coming to an end and whether he’s worth a start. [Editor’s Comment: In a PC world gone mad, is it disparaging to the Amish people to refer to Fitzpatrick as “The Amish Rifle”? Is Ryan Fitzpatrick even Amish? Or is it just the beard? This is getting way too deep.]

Decisions. Decisions.

Thank you Robert Turbin (twice), Derrick Henry (twice) along with Mike Gillislee for “sharking” (see what I did there?) those touchdowns from Frank Gore, DeMarco Murray and LeSean McCoy. Nothing feels worse at this crucial time of the year…ugh.

Yes. Old Uncle Waldo is in full-on “Get off my lawn!” mode.

At least “Shady” McCoy managed to get a couple scores later in the game to likely lead his owners team to a victory.

No. I’m not including Tim Hightower as a vulture as he’s been in a running back by committee (RBBC) with Mark Ingram and his toe issues for weeks now.

It took them long enough, but the Texans finally benched quarterback Brock Osweiler. Bravo. [Editor’s Comment: Once again, kudos to Brock Osweiler for chasing the money. A payday like that only comes along once in a lifetime.]

Let the Tom Savage under center era begin!

DeAndre Hopkins just may be revitalized enough to help some teams down the stretch as Savage looked his way plenty. [Editor’s Comment: C’mon, Uncle Waldo, what are the chances that teams that drafted Hopkins in the 1st round are still playing?]

That’s all I have regarding that dreadful Jacksonville and Houston game.

Never did I dream that before the season I would be typing that Ty Montgomery is helping fantasy teams win playoff games as a RUNNING BACK. You can’t make this stuff up folks.

That being said, I wish my beloved Detroit Lions had a running back as good as Montgomery. Rookie RB Dwayne Washington simply is not getting anything done. Heck, I’d take the much traveled Christine Michael of the Packers over Washington at this point.

All the success the Packers had running the ball this week didn’t do Aaron Rodgers owners any favors.

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