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Wally’s World – Week 3

Whew, with only one game remaining in the second week of the season we can take a moment to catch our breath.

It was an interesting Sunday for sure, culminating with an exciting Sunday Night affair in Green Bay.

There were injuries aplenty with big names such as Tony Romo and Eddie Lacy going down.

I realize that Jay Cutler was also injured but we aren’t really calling him a big name are we? [Editor’s Note: If Cutler’s injury changes your plans at QB for Week 3, then consider your self lucky.]

We know Romo will miss significant time and will await further news on the extent of Lacy’s injury.

We also saw some upsets with Cleveland, Washington, Oakland and Jacksonville notching their first wins.

Old Uncle Waldo likes it when the under dogs step up and upset the apple cart.

So, what else did we see that stood out in week two?

Let’s jump in the Wagon Queen Family Truckster and make our way to Wally’s World shall we?

Is anyone else worried that Alshon Jeffery is going to be a late scratch or game time decision all season long?

If I was Jeffery, I would be in no hurry to return to that dumpster fire of an offense. [Editor’s Note: With the Bears already 0-2 with a pathetic looking defense and Jeffery a free agent at the end of the season. Is it possible the Bears will be in no hurry to get Jeffery back on the field as his presence will only hurt the Bears draft position and increase his stock for free agency?]

Garbage time thy name is Colin Kaepernick and Torrey Smith.

Hey, all the points count so great week fellas.

Arizona rookie RB David Johnson.

Welcome to the world of regular season fantasy relevance David Johnson, Tevin Coleman (let’s hope the ribs injury isn’t too significant) and Matt Jones. [Editor’s Note: Was I the only one who breathed a sigh of relief when I heard that Coleman’s injury was rib-related?]

Fellow rookies T.J Yeldon and Melvin Gordon also had strong outings that have to bring smiles to their fantasy owners faces.

Yes, it was a good week to be a rookie running back.

There is a scene in one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies “Streets of Fire.” That came to mind watching the Denver and Kansas City tilt.

The police chief looks at Tom Cody (Michael Pare) and says, “My plan fell to (expletive). Let’s see what you can do.”

I have a feeling that Gary Kubiak and Peyton Manning had a similar exchange midway through the game. [Editor’s Note: Coaches like Kubiak are the reason fantasy football is so popular. Because we all really could do a better job than him as an NFL coach.]

Remember back in May, when there was talk about reduced production from Emmanuel Sanders in the Broncos ‘new offense’?


How awesome was it to see Eric Berry back in the starting line up for Kansas City?

Hang on…I got something in my eye.

Loved to see the week that Larry Fitzgerald had. A lot of folks were writing him off without taking a long look at his production with Carson Palmer under center last season. [Editor’s Note: Or versus the Bears?]

Even if he has lost a step, L-Fitz makes up for it with savvy and excellent route running.

Speaking of Carlson Palmer. MVP…MVP…MVP!

All right, I might be exaggerating a little bit but how different (aka: BETTER) are the Arizona Cardinals with Palmer at the helm? [Editor’s Note: MUCH!]

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