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As the Cowboys put the pitiful Bears out of their misery we are off and running down that ‘Holiday Road’ on our way to Wally’s World.

From the “Be careful what you wish for” department. After weeks of whining, Old Uncle Waldo was finally able to get Rob Gronkowski into his lineup. Ooof! [Editor’s Comment: Uncle Waldo, while I’d like to say that I feel your pain, I traded Gronk (in dynasty) a week before he went down with his injury. And as for redraft, shame on you as you probably had to spend a first or second round pick to get Gronk. Also, if you were told that Gronk and Martellus Bennett would have a combined stat line of 10/138/1 after three games, especially without Brady, you’d expect that the Patriots would be 0-3. Is Belichick a genius or have the Patriots resumed taping opponents?]

It’s all good as better days are ahead for the big man. Hurry back “Tom Terrific.” [Editor’s Comment: The way the Patriots are playing, wouldn’t they be better off keeping Brady on ice until around Week 12. At that rate, he could actually play until he’s 45.]

So now Jacoby Brissett is also injured. If Jimmy Garoppolo or Brissett can’t go, is it finally Drew Bledsoe time? Make it happen “Hoodie.” You owe the man.

I kid of course, and am now dreading the onslaught of “Uncle Rico” memes that are coming. [Editor’s Comment: I had to Google Uncle Rico. Apparently, he’s a character from the movie Napoleon Dynamite. I don’t watch a lot of movies.]

In all seriousness if Garoppolo or Brissett doesn’t go and they bring in some veteran off the street do we trust any Patriots player other than LeGarrette Blount this week?

It’s nice to see that since taking over as the No. 1 RB in Houston, Lamar Miller has delivered. We certainly can’t say the same for Brock Osweiler. It appears that John Elway and Gary Kubiak did know something that the Texans did not. [Editor’s Comment: Slow your roll there, Uncle Waldo. While Elway never played for the horseshoe, he seems to have one up…..on his wall.]

Let me offer up some free advice to Mr. Osweiler. It’s called a ‘zone’ defense Brock…a ‘zone’ defense. Look it up as it could come in handy down the road.

As an IDP slappy it was fun to watch Jabaal Sheard, Jamie Collins and Benardrick McKinney strut their stuff Thursday night. I say that as an owner facing off against McKinney in my longest running mixed IDP league.

Sometimes you just have to give it up to a great performance.

After playing only two snaps last week, Minnesota rookie WR Laquon Treadwell was inactive this week. That is the definition of trending in the wrong direction. [Editor’s Comment: If those in dynasty leagues can get Treadwell for less than a first round pick, I’d do it.]

On last week’s Fantasy Football Feeding Frenzy podcast (Thursday nights 7-8pm EST…shameless plug), Old Uncle Waldo predicted that this would be a get healthy week for the Green Bay Packers offense against a beat up Lions defense. You are welcome.

For the sake of full disclosure and to show that I am not about tooting my own horn, in my weekly Start/Bench article here at Fantasy Sharks (shameless plug #2) I suggested benching Denver WR Emmanuel Sanders. I am sorry.

Hey, to quote former boxing referee Joe Cortez, “I’m firm but I’m fair.”

Yes. I just dropped a ‘referee reference.’ Say that three times really fast.

It was nice to see LeSean McCoy have a big week against a tough (usually) Cardinals defense.

Raise your hand if you saw the Bills roughing up the Cardinals the way they did this week. Liar. [Editor’s Comment: After the Bills’ firing of OC Greg Roman after only two weeks, I’ve had just about enough of Rex Ryan. Just saying.]

At least David Johnson continued to be a fantasy stud at RB with another big game for the Cardinals.

No Rashad Jennings for the Giants this week. No problem.

Just a chance for Orleans Darkwa to punch in a touchdown. Yes. It felt as nice as I imagined to type Orleans Darkwa.


It’s the little things in life folks. The little things.

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