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We are a quarter of the way through the fantasy football season and things are heating up.

Let’s get the Wagon Queen Family Truckster out on the road and see what stood out this week.

That’s the A.J. Green we know and love. More importantly the A.J. Green we likely drafted in the first round.

It’s not just fantasy owners that are missing TE Tyler Eifert. The Bengals red zone offense is a hot mess.

That’s the Ryan Tannehill we know and say ‘meh.’ So far the Adam Gase era looks a lot like the Joe Philbin era. [Editor’s Comment: Tannehill appears to be just good enough to get mulitple coaches fired.]

Bah! We finally get “Gronk” back (if we can call last week’s game being back) and then lose J.J. Watt. The NFL and fantasy (ok IDP fantasy) needs both of these guys on the field as it’s just a more fun product to watch when they are playing.

If you happened to have perused my article ‘The Blitz’ (shameless plug) as part of the premium side of Fantasy Sharks, I suggested picking up rookie DE Yannick Ngakoue of the Jaguars. The kid has been putting up big play numbers and it’s always nice when a DE snags an interception. Hey, he was even covering T.Y. Hilton on a pass play in the 4th quarter and added a sack.

Hold on. The Colts just dropped another pass. Carry on.

Here’s Old Uncle Waldo’s first old man “Get off my lawn” statement of the week. I do not enjoy these London games. [Editor’s Note: Let’s travel back in time and pretend that Old Uncle Waldo was managing David Hasselhoff. “Listen Hoff, let’s just skip touring in Germany. You’ll be HUGE in America.”]

They tend to be a choppy, sloppy and flag-filled affairs. [Editor’s Comment: I think Uncle Waldo just described a David Hasselhoff concnert.]

That being said, we certainly got some fireworks from both offenses in the 4th quarter and Blake Bortles owners are happy this week.

Here’s some free advice from Old Uncle Waldo. Start all your offensive skill position players against both the Colts and Jaguars defenses. You are welcome.

Yes. We had a C.J. Spiller sighting today. That makes me so happy for the two people that still own him in fantasy. Too bad they didn’t start him this week. [Editor’s Note: I did pick Spiller up in a deep dynasty league. Yes, he was on my bench.]

From the ‘state of the franchises’ desk. The Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears combined to post more penalties (12) in the first half than points (10). Ugh. It ain’t easy being a Lions fan. [Editor’s Comment: You get no sympathy from a Chicago Bears fan.]

Another week and another TD reception for a TE against the Lions. Again, always start the opposing TE against Detroit…always.

How happy is DeMarco Murray to be with Tennessee this season. Great to see him bouncing back from that horrendous stint with Philadelphia. Well, I guess he would be happier if the Titans were 3-0 like his old team is.

On a side note, Marcus Mariota is a fantasy train wreck. Feel free to drop him and look elsewhere for QB help.

We  may have gotten got a glimpse of the Falcons TE of the future as Austin Hooper hauled in his first career TD. Make sure to stash the kid on your dynasty rosters. [Editor’s Comment: Strikethrough courtesy of me.]

Well hello there Julio Jones! We all missed you last week and will gladly take a 300-yard performance…good gravy! [Editor’s Comment: I knew that ultimately Uncle Waldo would address Jones’ epic performance. And I’ve been dreading it all day. Fifteen minutes prior to kickoff of the Atlanta game, I was perusing my lineup and decided to get cute and bench Julio for Mike Evans. I’m a freakin’ idiot!!! My WRs were Antonio Brown, Amari Cooper, Brandin Cooks & Evans. As you can see, I’m still trying to rationalize that move.]

The reports of Matt Ryan’s demise prior to the season seem to have been greatly exaggerated. Great game from “Matty Ice” this week. Great season-to-date numbers as well.

It looks like the Carolina Panthers are suffering from the Super Bowl loser syndrome a bit doesn’t it?

Cam Newton owners are in for a long week of checking practice reports if he ends up in the league protocol for concussions.

At least they will have company as Carson Palmer owners will be right there with them.

Maybe the Patriots can’t win with just anyone at QB after all. The second game of the Jacoby Brissett era wasn’t all that smooth. [Editor’s Comment: Could today’s loss be part of Bill Belichick’s master plan to keep Rex Ryan employed within the division?]

Julian Edelman owners cannot wait until Tom Brady returns. There was no way he was getting any fantasy traction unless Brissett went down and he took over at QB.

Brissett isn’t doing Rob Gronkowski owners any favors either.

Just to spite me, Martellus Bennett did top 100 receiving yards. Last week I suggested starting Bennett in my weekly Start/Bench column (shameless plug #2) and he had 10 yards. This week I suggested benching him and the rest is history. [Editor’s Comment: Hey, did I mention that I benched Julio Jones this week?]

On a side note. Way to ‘poke the bear’ Rex Ryan. You beat an undermanned Patriots team and then did your typical ‘look at me’ post game interview. The rematch will not end well for the Bills. [Editor’s Comment: That is if Rex is still coaching the Bills in Week 8.]

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