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It appeared that Aaron Rodgers was doing his best Jay Cutler impersonation early in the game Thursday night. Less pouting and complaining with some better passes would be nice. [Editor’s Comment: Are we talking about Smokin’ Jay Cutler?]

That being said, I’m guessing his owners are breathing a little easier after Rodgers tossed three scores. [Editor’s Comment: Guessing, Uncle Waldo, guessing?]

On the flip side, Jordy Nelson owners are throwing some serious hate Rodgers way.

Ty Montgomery, Randall Cobb and Davante Adams all have at least 10 receptions and Nelson has one? Really? [Editor’s Comment: Uncle Waldo, this was Rodgers just taking what the defense gives him. And when it comes to the Bears, they give a lot.]

It feels like Jeremy Langford’s fantasy stock is back on the rise while he continues to recover from an ankle injury. Jordan Howard has hit the rookie wall in record time.

With Brian Hoyer gone, if Jay Cutler doesn’t return soon we can safely avoid all the skill position players in Chicago moving forward. [Editor’s Comment: What? No Matt Barkley love?]

I believe that is the nicest thing I’ve ever written regarding Jay Cutler.

I love what Green Bay is doing with wide receiver Ty Montgomery. Too bad I was unable to get him off waivers in any leagues.

From the Old Uncle Waldo’s “Get off my lawn!” desk. It’s fitting that the Sunday morning game from London has been labeled a ‘special’ edition of Thursday Night Football. [Editor’s Comment: C’mon NFL, you’re a billion-dollar enterprise and this is the best you can come up with?]

No. I am not a fan of these London affairs or Thursday night games. Ugh.

I will say that as a long time aficionado of Individual Defensive Player (IDP) football, it is a joy to watch New York Giants safety Landon Collins play. He looks (and hits) like a linebacker and had a pair of interceptions with an awesome return for a score this week. Fun stuff!

As for the rest of the game from across the pond?


I suppose that the big winners are Jared Goff owners as he will be under center sooner rather than later after Case Keenum went full on … well… Case Keenum this week.

This is for you Gary Davenport and Jim Bukowski … water always finds its level. [Editor’s Comment: And you’re assuming that Jared Goff’s water level is higher than Case Keenum’s?]

Let’s all congratulate Tennessee offensive tackle Taylor Lewan on his first career touchdown reception.

Now, let’s all go and give tight end Delanie Walker owners a hug as they’ll be very unhappy campers as he should have had a multiple-touchdown game.

Another week and another quarterback having to step in for Cleveland. Welcome to hell, Kevin Hogan. [Editor’s Comment: Hoooooogan!]

That was a nice little 28-yard rushing touchdown for Hogan, though. Just keep your head on a swivel young man.

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