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Week 1 Fantasy Points Left on the Field

Much like NFL teams leave points on the field by coming up
just short of scoring on a given play, fantasy teams suffer similar fates when players
come up short on the field. These fantasy
points left on the field are important to realize because it shows the amount of
points a particular player had the potential to score. The focus here will be on near-TDs from
inside the redzone concerning fantasy-relevant players, but will also include
some missed opportunities from outside the redzone as well.

In fantasy, as well as in life, it’s all about
opportunity. Looking at every game in
Week 1, these players could have scored more points than they actually did:


at New
York (Giants)

Kevin Boss – In the 1st quarter with 1st
and goal at Washington’s
6-yard line, Eli Manning overshot an open Boss in the endzone.

Brandon Jacobs – In the 1st quarter with 1st
and goal at Washington’s 1-yard line after Jacobs had been bulldozing the
‘Skins defense, what does Coughlin call with the salivating, 6’4”, 260+ LB
beast in the game? A bootleg with the
ill-footed Manning, who somehow juked himself into the endzone. Jacobs owners had to be livid.


at Atlanta

John Kitna, Calvin Johnson – Kitna threw an incomplete
pass deep to Calvin from the Atlanta
21 midway through the 2nd quarter that could have resulted in a
TD. Then midway through the 3rd
quarter, Atlanta
was called for pass interference in the endzone on a pass targeted for
Calvin. It could have been a humongous
day for C.J.

Kevin Smith/Rudi Johnson – One of these guys was in
on the 1st and goal from the 1 that was the result of the
just-mentioned pass interference on C.J, but instead, Kitna hit Fitzsimmons for
a 1-yard TD pass.

Michael Turner – Believe it or not, this guy could
have had three TDs if it wasn’t for a holding call on Roddy White early in the
4th quarter from the Detroit


at Baltimore

Nothing of note


at Buffalo

Lee Evans, Trent Edwards – Edwards had a pass broken
up in the endzone intended for Evans late in the 1st quarter from
the Seattle 21-yard
line. This could have been a TD. Evans threw a key block on the next play to
spring Lynch for a TD. Edwards and Evans
then almost connected early in the 2nd quarter for what would have
been about a 40-yard gain and maybe even a TD, but it was broken up by the Seattle defense.

Courtney Taylor, Matt Hasselbeck­ – Matt overthrew Taylor on a deep pass on
that might have resulted in a 43-yard TD early in the 2nd quarter. He again overthrew Taylor in the middle of the 4th quarter
that might have resulted in a 30+ yard gain.

On the same drive, Hasselbeck missed J. Kent in the back
corner of the endzone, and then completed a pass the J. Carlson who was stopped
short at the 2-yard line. This was
followed by a false start penalty that set them back to the 7-yard line. Two passing plays were then called that went
incomplete to J. Kent and Taylor respectively.
Strangely, a running play for Julius Jones was called on the following 3rd
and 7 that was stopped short at the 3-yard line. Going for it on 4th down,
Hasselbeck’s pass went through the hands of Kent. All kinds of points were left on the field on
this drive.


(Jets) at Miami

Jerricho Cotchery, Brett Favre – Late in the 1st,
Favre missed on a short pass to Cotchery from the Miami 13-yard line. Then early in the 2nd, Favre
missed Cotchery on a deep ball from the Miami
22-yard line that might have gone for a TD.

Laveranues Coles – A couple of short connections
between Coles and Favre went incomplete within the redzone on two different
drives. The looks from Favre in the
redzone are good to see for Coles owners.

Ted Ginn, Chad Pennington – Chad missed Teddy on a couple of
deep passes in the game that could have been big gains, as well as on the last
play of the game that resulted in an interception. The ball was intercepted at the NYJ 8-yard line,
so Ginn might not have scored anyway. To
top it off, Ginn was called for pass interference.


at New England

Dwayne Bowe, Brodie Croyle/Damon Huard – Bowe left

a lot of points on the field, starting
with a deep miss from Croyle from the NE 22-yard line late in the 1st
quarter. He then missed what would have
been at least a 20-yard pass from Huard midway through the 4th
quarter that resulted in an interception by E. Hobbs. Then on the last drive of the game, Bowe
dropped two passes from Huard with KC trying to score from the NE 5-yard
line. One of them was a sure TD, and
would have resulted in a spectacular fantasy performance from Bowe.

Tony Gonzalez, Damon Huard – Gonzo and Huard couldn’t
connect on the last drive of the game with KC trying from the NE 5-yard line.

Wes Welker, Matt Cassel – Welker and Cassel couldn’t connect on a deep pass from the KC 19
midway through the 4th quarter.

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