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Week 1 in Survivor Pools

The Survivor Pool article is back for 2008! As you remember from 2007, the first week of the season is the toughest week of the year. Last season, we lasted until Week 15 until an incorrect selection. Now in 2008, a fresh start for each team makes for difficult decisions early in the year. You know what you can expect from the Patriots, Colts, Cowboys, etc, but who wants to use those teams in Week 1?


Before we take a look at the Week 1 schedule and analyze our options, remember the several rules of thumb:


  1. Stay away from road teams.

  2. Stay away from divisional matchups.

  3. Never take a divisional team on the road.


Keep in mind as we get later in the season and have less options, some of these rules must be disregarded.


On to Week 1 …


A team you may be tempted to take


New York

Jets – I would avoid that situation for a few reasons. Pennington will be on the other side of the field against his former team, it’s a divisional game and the Jets are on the road. Everyone has Brett Favre fever and the Dolphins are coming off a 1-15 season, so the Jets may be an appealing Week 1 selection. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Jets will win since they have a lot on the line with New England and

San Diego matchups in Weeks 2 and 3. However, I would look elsewhere.


Don’t use them now


New England Patriots – Since there are other options this week, don’t take the Pats now. They won’t go 16-0 again, but should find at least 11 wins in that schedule. Same goes for the

Indianapolis Colts, who will open their new stadium on Sunday night vs. the Bears. The Bears have a lot of issues, but the Colts have some of their own. Their center, Jeff Saturday, is going to miss some time early in the season and Peyton’s mysterious knee injury should make you avoid the Colts this week.


Here are



San Diego

hosting the Panthers


hosting the Texans


hosting the Rams


All three teams are home, have favorable matchups and are at least touchdown favorites on the opening lines. The

Chargers should be an easy choice against the Steve Smith-less Panthers. As long as Gates, Tomlinson and Rivers are healthy, which they appear to be, the Chargers are the safest pick of the three. The Steelers are in their building, which is not an easy place to play for opposing teams. The Texans do have some firepower through the air with Schaub and Johnson, but the

Steelers should be able to handle themselves in

Pittsburgh. Keep this in mind; the Steelers have not lost a home opener since 2002 to the eventual Super Bowl loser Oakland Raiders. The final option is the

Eagles, who face the Rams. The only concern may be that Philly WR corps is injured, but they still have Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook.




: I’m going with the

STEELERS who have recently been great at home on opening day. Wave those terrible towels and Go Steelers!


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at


*Remember to get your picks in before the Thursday night game as the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants defend their title against the Washington Redskins.


Good luck and enjoy the season. Football is back!

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