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Week 1

Wow – seems like just yesterday, I was beating up kids for their lunch money, and holding a poker game instead of going to class. Now, I have a lucrative bar (with some nice fringe benefits), and some other businesses as well. Enough sentimental chit-chat, save that for my wife, let’s move onto Week 1 of the NFL Season.

Usually Week 1 has some easy plays; the public’s eyes are still glazed over from last year’s playoffs teams, and hot rookies. The slow and steady win the race here.

Pittsburgh -5 @ Cleveland : A quarterback controversy in Cleveland, and GM / Head Coach starting to point fingers. Another awful season in store for the Browns (who will play like my eye color when I’m selling junk). 


has a new coach, determined to start on a winning streak. The public likes the Steelers, and so do I

on the easiest game of the week.


– 5 ***


Detroit +2 @ Oakland : A quarterback controversy in


as well.   However, at least


has a very, strong, pressure oriented defense that will force mistakes by Martz’s offence. Coach Lane has the Raiders well prepared for this fight, and they start his coaching career off with a win.


-2 ***


New York Giants +6 @ Dallas : The Giants have been distracted by Michael Strahan, and have a decent excuse for losing the game built in.   Likewise, Eli Manning is no Peyton, and the Dallas D can add some pressure. Brandon Jacobs is unproven at RB to boot. Tony Romo has Terrell Owens, and look for them to hook up often. Home team wins big here folks.


-6 ***


Baltimore +3 @ Cincy : Steve McNair is a winner, a fighter, and the Ravens will not go down without a tough fight. Take the better defense in this game, Defense wins ballgames.


+3 ***


Four standard 3 star picks to begin the season. 4-0 is where I want to go!



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