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Week 10 in Survivor Pools

Thanks to pitiful Jets, Clinton Portis, and the leg of Shaun Suisham, I

improved my record to 9-0 on the year. It was the closest game of the season in my survivor pool as the Skins won in overtime. However, a win is a win, and we move on to Week 10…

How Did I Do in Week 9?  

*5 STARS = REDSKINS over Jets =



STEELERS over Ravens =


*My Week 9 Pick

Week 10 Picks

Now that we have reached Week 10, I will do my picks a different way. I will list every game and see if there is a possible team to select from each game. I will also pick one team at the end that I will choose for that week.

On to the games…



Carolina – Stay away.

Buffalo @ Miami – Stay away. The Bills look like a good pick, but the Dolphins have to win sometime, and they’re at home. Don’t pick against the Dolphins until they win unless they’re playing an elite team.


@ Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a potential pick, but I would stay away from this game as well. If you have

Pittsburgh, save them for a later game down the road against

Miami or the Jets.


@ Kansas City – I was tempted to pick the Chiefs, but without Larry Johnson, I can’t. Stay away from this AFC West rivalry.


@ Tennessee – I actually like

Tennessee this week, but this is another division game that could be low scoring, and I usually tend to stay away from these games. However, if you want to take the Titans, I can’t argue against that.


@ Green Bay – Adrian Peterson is scary. The Packers are bound to lose standing at 7-1. If AD didn’t do what he did last Sunday, I would most likely be taking the Pack this week. However, I still see him running all over that Charger defense and I don’t want to bet against this kid if I don’t have to. But two weeks in a row? Can it really happen?


@ Washington – Stay away from the NFC East rivalry.

St. Louis

@ New Orleans – Lucky you if you still have the Saints in your pool…Take them if you do.


@ Baltimore – Here’s an intriguing game.

Cincinnati has NO defense.

Baltimore has NO offense. Cincy took the season opener from the Ravens in

Bengal land. You heard Ray Lewis, right? You’re supposed to win your home divisional games. The Ravens are 0-3 in the division with all three games being on the road. Here’s another fact: The Ravens are 3-0 at home this season.



Oakland – Stay away.



New York Giants – Stay away.



Arizona – Once again, stay away.


@ San

Diego – The Colts are always an option, but I think it’s best to look elsewhere even though I can’t imagine them losing two in a row.

San Francisco

@ Seattle – I wish I didn’t use

Seattle in Week 1. Just like the Saints, if you’re lucky enough to have

Seattle, use them this week.

New Orleans and

Seattle are the best two options in Week 10.

MY PICK: I’ve already used the following teams: SEA, CHI, PIT, DAL, NE, SD, NO, NYG, WAS. Therefore, I am down to basically three options.


Green Bay, and

Baltimore. I would rather save

Tennessee since I like a matchup or two down the road and because I’m not completely confident in them this week. The Jaguars also lost to

Tennessee on opening day, so they may have some revenge. As for

Green Bay, I was sold on taking them this week until AD went bonkers. Also, the Packers have already defeated the Vikes earlier this season in

Minnesota. Therefore, that leaves me with

Baltimore. If McGahee plays, the Ravens should win this game. They’re still alive in the AFC for now, so if they want to be contenders down the road, they’ll need this one. They have already lost to Cincy on the road like I said before, so this is their chance to even the score in their house.

Now that I’ve completely reasoned against taking the Pack, I’m going to go with Green Bay for three reasons. 1) What are the chances that Peterson has another monstrous game? Don’t get me wrong, he will be good, but it won’t be another historic day. 2) Brooks Bollinger may get the start. If he doesn’t, it will be Jackson, who has been awful anyway. And 3) If I’m going to go down, I’ll do it with Brett Favre at Lambeau.

Get your cheesehead out of the closet and root for the


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