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Week 10 Sleepers

Review of last week:


Last week as expected went pretty well.  Brian Griese, Emmit Smith, Anthony Thomas, and Kennan McCardell combined for 5 touchdowns and Griese and Thomas racked up lots of yards.  I really thought Marcus Robinson would produce well but it goes to show you anything can happen any given day regardless of the matchup.  He had everything lined up but he obviously isn’t as solid as he let on in previous weeks.  Meanwhile Eddie George is looking more and more awful even against the Bengal patsy run defense.  


2 big time Sleepers


Jonnie Morton/Eddie Kennison go to the Superdome to play those lowly Aint’s who seem to only show up once or twice a month if their fans are lucky.  Holmes is doubtful and will not play baring a miracle.  Therefore Trent Green might throw 5, 6 even 7 td’s on Sunday.  Well that might be a slight exaggeration but you get the picture.   The Chiefs won’t stop the Saints and this will be a shootout to remember.  In all honesty both these receivers are pretty healthy now and should combine for at least 2 touchdowns.  Tony Gonzalez will join the party with Green but when he throws for 400 yards which he will (he has almost 800 yards the past 2 weeks) these receivers will be close to 100 or beyond.  New Orleans ranks 31st against the pass and they have surrendered 15 touchdowns.    For a sleeper wide receiver it doesn’t get better than this.  Just for fun I predict the Chiefs 45 and the Saints 30. 

Morton – 4 stars. Kennison 2 stars.


Boo Williams finally put up some good numbers with 5 receptions for 71 yards and a score last week in the Saints loss to the Chargers.    Is this an appetizer of what’s to come for Boo?  I am not too sure but it does show he has life. We know the Chiefs are horrible on defense and Aaron Brooks will show up at least a little on Sunday.  It basically comes down to this – all starters are must plays in this matchup as 2 of the worst defenses in NFL history play each other in perfect conditions in a dome. 

Williams – 2 stars.


Quality Sleeper Plays:


Lee Evans is probably available on most waiver wires as he plays the Patriots in Foxboro. With Josh Reed out, Evans is on the field all game and is starting to produce as evidenced by last weeks stellar end zone catch which shows he has major big-play ability on top of his speed. Drew Bledsoe found him five times for 64 yards and a score despite windy conditions last week.  Expect Evans to test the Patriots injured secondary with some long routes as a bulk of concentration with yield towards Eric Moulds. 

Evans – 3 stars.

Jabar Gaffney and the Texans will face a potential shutout in Indianapolis.  The Colts are still dead last in passing defense and have allowed 15 touchdowns (almost 2 a game).  When looking at sleepers all fantasy owners’ want is consistency to give them some confidence in performance. Over the last three weeks, Jabar Gaffney’s reception/yardage totals were 5/85, 5/88, and 6/86. Symbol of consistency. While Andre Johnson is the main threat Gaffney is evolving into David Carr’s go-to receiver especially on third down.  I would recommend Gaffney as a solid play depending on the matchup and against the Colts it’s a must go.

Gaffney – 3 stars.

Antonio Bryant would be classified as a deep sleeper with high potential this week against the Steelers.  Call me crazy but this game has upset written all over it.  Pittsburgh coming off two great wins at home travels to Cleveland in a divisional rivalry game where Cleveland and there fans will be ready to go.  Andre Davis is doubtful meaning Dennis Northcut and Bryant will be Garcia’s go to guys.  The Steelers have been devastating against the run as of late so expect Garcia to throw and lean less on William Green and Lee Suggs. 

Bryant – 2 stars.




Best of luck as always.




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