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Week 10’s Best Storylines

With only one month left in the fantasy football regular season, Week 10 is filled with drama and will be critical for the playoff chances of many owners.  Let’s dive into some of the best storylines of Week 10 in fantasy football.

Vick’s Last Stand

I’m a Michael Vick owner myself and I have to tell you, in some ways, I think Vick’s been underrated this year as a fantasy quarterback.  It reminds me, in past years, of hearing people say how awful Tony Romo is, when he was still a decent and very serviceable fantasy quarterback. 

Standing just outside the Top 10 in scoring for fantasy quarterbacks, Vick was drafted in the 5th and 6th rounds last August.  For anyone that didn’t reach for him and can somehow ignore the constant negative Vick stories, he’s been good enough, not great, but good enough for that draft value.  He’s also been a turnover machine but if you add in the 300 rushing yards he’s run for, it’s a good counter balance to all those fumbles and interceptions. 

This weekend he’s playing against the Dallas Cowboys, a tough defense to be sure but one he’s had success against in the recent past, throwing for six touchdowns and over 840 passing yards in the last three games.  If you have Vick and you don’t have any significantly better options, you have to start him.  Because of his erratic and disappointing season in reality, this may be the last time you get a chance to start him in fantasy.  I can already see Nick Foles warming up in the bullpen.

Chris Johnson is Back

Despite what I and many other analysts predicted about Chris Johnson‘s season, it’s time to admit that he’s back.  Maybe not better than ever but because of his stellar play, which started in Week 4, he’s now a Top 5 running back for PPR Leagues and probably a little lower for standard leagues. 

He had a slow start to the season, but over his last six games he’s rushed for 691 yards and has three touchdowns.  He’s averaging 145 rushing yards a game over his last three games.  He finally made a believer out of me last weekend when he rushed for 141 yards against the Bears, one of the best run defenses in the NFL.  This week he’s playing against the Dolphins, another great run defense, and I’d feel confident about starting him.

Stud running backs have become such a scarce commodity, especially this year, that it’s always great to add another one to the list.  If he continues his great play to the end of the season, maybe, just maybe, owners can forgive him for the 45 rushing yards he ran for in the first three games of the season.  Maybe.

Will the Real Eli Manning Please Stand Up?

In the first half of the season, we were talking about Eli Manning joining the small group of elite fantasy quarterbacks and were possibly considering him the best quarterback in the NFL. What a difference two weeks makes.  In his last two games, albeit against two tough defenses in the Cowboys and Steelers, he has a paltry 317 passing yards and zero touchdowns with two interceptions. He’s been giving owners single digit scores since mid-October.

This weekend he plays the Bengals, who just gave up 291 passing yards and three touchdowns to Eli’s brother, Peyton, last Sunday.  If ever there was a week for Eli to get back to being an elite quarterback, this is it.  After this week, he has a bye but then his schedule gets easier in the next couple games playing against the Packers, Redskins and Saints.  Based on his schedule and his overall talent, I think Eli gets back to being a stud this week and has a good November ahead of him.

Can we trust Justin Blackmon yet?

Justin Blackmon had a great preseason, which was supposed to lead into a dynamic regular season but that just hasn’t been the case. He has four games where he has three catches or less and he only has one touchdown on the season.  Nevertheless, he has shown some signs of life over the last two games with a 4/64/0 stat line against the Packers two weeks ago and just last Sunday he had his best game of the season, going 5/32/1.

I’m not quite ready yet to trust Blackmon but his matchup with the Colts is a good one.  I would still express caution to owners on starting him because, let’s not forget, there’s always a good chance he could have another 1/7/0 performance, which he’s already done twice this year.  If you’re decimated by byes this week and there are no better options out there, in that type of situation, I’d give Blackmon a start.  On the other hand, if Blackmon has a good game against a weak Colts defense, it’ll go a long way towards owners trusting Blackmon for the long haul.  The talent is certainly there, it’s just a matter of execution and effort now.

Good Hunting!

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