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Week 11 in Survivor Pools

If you’re in a jam and cannot decide who to go with, Brett Favre and Lambeau field is the combination you want to put your trust in. I decided to go with that route and

improved my record to 10-0 on the year thanks to the Packers shutout of the Vikings. A lot of survivor pools got thinner this past weekend with several upsets, including the Saints loss to the Rams.

How Did I Do in Week 10?  


over Vikings =


Week 11 Picks

Like last week, I will have the same format for Week 11. I will list every game and discuss each worthy game briefly. I will then pick one team at the end that I will choose for that week.

On to the games…

San Diego

@ Jacksonville – Stay away from this one. I like the Jaguars at home especially after watching Phillip Rivers on Sunday night. However, the Chargers still have the talent to win with Tomlinson and Gates.

Kansas City


Indianapolis – The Colts have lost two straight. The Chiefs have no LJ. Brodie Croyle is also starting for KC. Everything in this one points to the Colts. They need to rebound at home this weekend and I think they will. The loss of Freeney will affect Indy down the road, but not this weekend. Take the Colts with confidence if you have them.


@ Minnesota – If this were the Raiders @ the Adrian Petersons, I’d like this game a lot. However, AD won’t be suiting up this Sunday and that makes the Vikings a risky pick. Their QB situation is not in good shape and I don’t want to see that offense without Peterson. Unless you’re desperate, stay away from this low-scoring affair.



Baltimore – I like the Browns in this one, but not in a survivor pool. It’s not wise to take a team on the road in a divisional game. I don’t like to look ahead, but the Browns face

Houston at home next weekend, and they are a possible selection then.


Bay @ Atlanta – I wouldn’t feel too confident in them, but

Tampa should win. I’d stay away from this one though.


@ Cincinnati – Stay away from this one. HOWEVER, if you’re a risk taker, go with


Arizona is 1-4 on the road and they’ll travel from the West to the East. As Matt Hasselbeck said on ESPN after Monday night, those East coast games for West coast teams are not easy. They’re essentially a 10AM game for the teams from the West. Throw in the fact that the former Pro Bowl defensive end, Bertrand Berry, was put on I.R. this weekend and the pass rush will take a hit. I’m not saying it is a wise pick, but if you want to live on the edge this late in the year, go with Cincy.


@ Philadelphia – There’s something about betting against 0-9 teams that I just don’t feel comfortable with. Throw in the fact that the Eagles are very inconsistent and are 1-3 at home this season (3-2 on the road). If they struggle early, the home crowd will get on them and I don’t know if Donovan can handle that. I’ve come this far and don’t want to take the chance. The Birds are a popular pick this week, but I’m hoping to avoid them, hope they lose, and possibly slip by the pack.

New Orleans

@ Houston – The spread is a pick ‘em. That’s enough to let me know to stay away.


@ Green Bay – I used them last week so I don’t have the Pack anymore. They’re a big favorite at home, and you can’t go wrong with that. Use ‘em if you got ‘em!

NY Giants @

Detroit – Close game, stay away.


@ NY Jets – The Jets are terrible.

Pittsburgh has a lot of nice matchups down the road so I’d consider saving them if you have other options. There are a few other teams you can take this week rather than using Pitt.

Redskins @ Cowboys – I don’t like to touch divisional games, but the Cowboys should win this one with the Skins WR corps all banged up. I’m not too sure how many people even have the Cowboys left anyway. I can’t see the Skins winning this won after losing a tough home game to the Eagles, but I’ll tell you to stay away from this one.

Rams @ 49ers – Stay away. If this one was in

St. Louis, I’d love the Rams. Did you see the Niners on Monday night? Wow.

Bears @ Seahawks – Stay away.

Patriots @ Bills – You know the rule about the Pats. They’re an option every week. God bless you if you still have them. Use them wisely. This is not the week.

Titans @ Broncos – Finally, an even matched Monday night game!? Don’t get used to it… As for survivor, avoid this one.

MY PICK: It’s that time of the show where I make my weekly pick. After seeing over half of my pool get knocked out last week (75 last week, and now 34 remain), I am not taking any chances. The last thing I want to do is get knocked out with the Colts in my back pocket. If

Miami could have won last week, I would have taken a chance the Eagles. However,

Miami will start a new QB and who knows how that could turn out. It looks like

Clark will be back for Indy this week and that is a valuable weapon for Peyton. Either way, the Colts should handle KC in their house and avoid the three-game skid. For Week 11, I’m rolling with Peyton and the


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