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Week 11 Strategy Sessions

With week 10 all but in the books, we’re coming to the home stretch of the fantasy football season.  There was so much to talk about after a strange day, I figured I would give you my two cents on a range of topics.  First off answer this:  What did Willis McGahee, Corey Dillon, Cedric Benson, Mewelde Moore, Duce Staley, Cadillac Williams, Tatum Bell, and Jamal Lewis all have in common this week?  Many owners started these RB’s and amazingly, all of them combined to score less fantasy points than Sam Gado! And in case you were wondering,  in the last two weeks Gado has scored 6 more fantasy points than Ahman Green did in all five of his starts.  So from Ahman Green, to Najeh Davenport, to Tony Fisher, to Rasard Lee, have we found gold with the Packer’s 5th string running back?   

The Falcons have been a little weak against the run, but putting up over 100 total yards and 3 td’s on the road against the class of the conference is impressive and Gado was able to find himself 12 points last week against Pittsburgh without even starting.  The Packers have a difficult schedule down the stretch, but teams can’t exactly stack the box against Gado as long as Favre is behind the line.  They’re not going to make the playoffs, but this team has a lot of pride and will desperately try to earn some respect in the remaining weeks of the season.  If Gado can stay healthy unlike his RB teammates, he should be a solid #2 back the rest of the way.  Who would have thought?


Roy Williams- So after scoring 23 points through a half season filled with injuries, quarterback controversies, and inconsistency, did we really just see Roy drop 29 points on Sunday?  Arizona is weak, but so is the rest of Detroit’s schedule.  With all of the troubles at WR position this season, you have no choice but to consider him a weekly start as long as Harrington is throwing him passes.


Edge, Tomlinson, and Alexander-  These three dominate fantasy football- PERIOD!  If you don’t have one of these three players you have a distinct disadvantage.  Here is a stat you might want to use at the water cooler today:  Through only 9 games, these 3 stud RB’s have combined for 45 TD’s and 3488 total yards (which doesn’t include the 47 passing yards Tomlinson has).  If neither of them played any of their 6 remaining games, I’d venture to say they’d still all finish in the top 5 at their position.


Jamal Lewis, Kevan Barlow, Cadillac Williams-  If the three above are the fantasy heroes, these three certainly are your villains.  Each has teased us at some point in the season just enough for us to keep them on our roster and occasionally in our lineup.  2’s and 4’s out of your #2 RB aren’t going to help get you those W’s, and these three rarely have more than that to offer you.  You can’t let these underachievers waste roster spots that you could be filling with the Sam Gado’s and Greg Jones’s of the world.  Please forget that one of them broke a couple rookie records early this season and that one of them had 2000 yards in his last full season; Jonathan Wells has easily outscored all three of them combined in each of the last two weeks. 


Pittsburgh’s RB committee-  This unit is a fantasy mess and there is no other way to look at it.  Even Verron Haynes got into the mix this week with 9 carries,  51 total yards and a TD.  Unless  one of these RB’s gets hot in the next few weeks, do yourself a favor and avoid all Steelers not named Hines.


            The Browns-  Bryant and Droughns are both coming off of back to back solid performances as the Crennel factor has started to take effect.  Both have major ability and both will get their fair share of chances throughout the season, so don’t be afraid to play them or trade for them.


            Corey Dillon-  It took me a couple years to figure this out, but here goes:  Bill Belichick doesn’t care whether you win or loose your fantasy football match up!  Time after time he misleads the media into thinking that Dillon is fine only to make sure he doesn’t get a single carry.  If it wasn’t for Patrick Pass getting injured early against the Bills two weeks ago, Dillon wouldn’t have played in that game either.  At this point you have to sit Dillon until he plays a full game.


            Mewelde Moore-  Mike Tice has unnecessarily killed what was turning into a promising season for Moore.  For years we have seen Tice relentlessly concede the starting RB job over to the oft injured, non-versatile, and inconsistent Michael Bennett.  Only he was so bad early this season, that Tice had no choice but to give the highly touted Moore a crack at it.  Just as Moore seemed like a weekly lock to give you 100 total yards and the occasional TD, Tice went right back to Bennett this week.  Bennett responded with a 19 carry, 16 yard day that would send you right to the toilet.  To make things even better, Mewelde Moore, who had 0 carries, looked brilliant as he broke the game open with a 71 yard punt return for a TD.  One would think that Moore could get his job and instantly produce solid #’s again, but with Tice calling the shots, you just never know.


            Mark Bulger-  I think Bulger is a good QB, but its obvious that with Bulger under center the Rams don’t stay committed to the run enough.  Unless that changes, we should get more of the same: Bulger throwing for 350 yards with a couple TD’s and a couple INT’s in a loss.  That is a recipe for fantasy success, so start Bulger with confidence every week.


            New England’s secondary-  100% exploitable; You probably don’t need me to tell you this, but in case you’re still blinded by the Super Bowl rings, listen up:  Be very confident when starting your QB’s or WR’s against this unit.  They simply can not cover a physical wide out or tight end. 


As always, I appreciate anyone who checked out my article and I will make sure to bring you more groundbreaking strategy each and every week.

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