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Week 12 Declines

The autumn leaves that I looked forward to all year have arrived. However, they aren’t such a welcome sight. My driveway is cluttered with them. I used to look forward to the change of seasons but now it represents more work. I
expect to do less this time of year but I end up doing more. Fantasy
owners should expect less out of the following offenses come Sunday.-

1. Pittsburgh – Expect less from receivers as Ben Roethlisberger is out. Super mobile Dennis Dixon gets the start. Expect Pit to pound the ball all game long, Including rushes by Dixon. That being said, sit all Steeler’s receivers.

2. Rams couldn’t get any worse with Kyle Boller right? Wrong. Steven Jackson has been questionable all week. Rookie RB Chris Ogbonnaya has been activated from the practice squad. Red flags should be going off in your head.

No SJax, or Bulger = No thanks.

3. Brady Quinn throws 4 Td’s a week ago. Oh yeah that was last week against a horrible Lion defense. The Bengals are much better than the lions. Quinn is a bust. If you had him on your roster, get the fantasy guide for dummies.

Jay Cutler has to throw the ball this week alot. Bench Matt Forte
against a hungry Vikes D. I expect lots of Cutler, Knox, Hester, Olsen, and
Bennett. I expect at least one interception by the Vikes defense. This
game will be like Cutler’s season which has been called “Home Run

Why you ask? Because it’s all or nothing on Home Run Derby. I expect this Jekyll and Hyde act to continue for a while.

Mark Sanchez has been just plain awful as of late. Carolina Defense
will give him fits this Sunday. I heard speculation of putting the
training wheels back on.

The Jets had Favre in that role last year
and he did very average. I don’t think Sanchez can hold Favre’s jock
and wouldn’t want to see it either. Panthers upset on the legs of Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams. Sanchez has pedestrian numbers and gets picked twice.

These are the games I am steering clear of. I have Cutler, but have decided that Matt Hasselback makes a much better play versus the Rams. I expect to see Cutler to have an okay week, but the upside swings in favor of the Seattle passing attack versus the lowly Rams. You will see me doing my best Paul Bunyan act as I chop down a Christmas Tree and try to beat it home to catch the second half of the morning contests.

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