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Week 12 in Survivor Pools


improved my record to 11-0 on the year thanks to the Donovan McNabb leaving the game early and AJ Feeley leading the Birds to victory over the winless Dolphins.


How Did I Do in Week 11?  

In Week 11, I wrote my article early and chose the Colts. However, I made a last minute decision on Sunday morning to go with the Eagles once Brian Westbrook was declared active.

My Picks: 


over Dolphins =

WIN, COLTS over Chiefs =


Week 12 Picks

As always, I will list every game and discuss each worthy game briefly. I will then pick one team at the end that I will choose for that week.

On to the games…

Green Bay

@ Detroit – Stay away from the divisional rivalry on Thanksgiving.

NY Jets @ Dallas

Dallas seems to be a good option if you have them. I can’t see the Jets upsetting two solid teams in four days.



@ Atlanta – Indy should be able to handle

Atlanta despite their injuries. The Colts are due for a big offensive game.


@ St. Louis – I would not touch this divisional game with

St. Louis playing better of late.


@ NY Giants – As a Giants fan, I will tell you not to take the Giants this week. I expect a low scoring affair in this one with the defenses making the difference. Jacobs is expected to be out this week, Kiwanuka is out for the year, and Burress is hobbling. There are too many question marks in this game to take the Giants.

Buffalo @ Jacksonville – Stay away from this one.

Buffalo has a playoff team and even though they could be without Marshawn Lynch, I’d still avoid it. If Lynch plays, I expect a

Buffalo upset.

New Orleans

@ Carolina – Stay away. The Saints are regressing.


@ Tampa Bay – This one will be close…something you avoid in survivor pools.



Cleveland – Last week I liked

Cleveland. This week I like

Houston. That Schaub-Andre Johnson connection will be tough for

Cleveland to handle. Look elsewhere.



Cincinnati – A rare road pick here. I like

Tennessee to rebound against a poor

Cincinnati team, who just lost to the Cardinals at home. If you have no other options, go with

Tennessee *ONLY IF HAYNESWORTH PLAYS*, but always be cautious when taking a road team. The Titans are a completely different team when defensive linemen Albert Haynesworth is not in the lineup.


@ Kansas City – Stay away from this AFC West rivalry. If Larry Johnson was playing, I’d think about it, but he’s not.

San Francisco

@ Arizona – A perfect match for a Week 12 pick. The Cardinals are a team that you have likely not used and they’re ready to host a 49er team that has lost eight straight. I’m always wary of taking teams on losing streaks since they’re bound to break them at some point. However, San Fran has shown no signs of life at all over the last few weeks, so the Cardinals are a nice pick this week.



San Diego – Stay away. I doubt you have

San Diego, who I like in this one, anyway. They just haven’t played well of late and I wouldn’t trust them.


@ Chicago – Avoid this one.



New England – Come on now…


@ Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh will rebound in a big way on MNF. Tough break for the Dolphins…yet again. May as well mark down 0-11. Take the Steelers if you have them.

MY PICK: Since I wrote in my article that I was taking the Colts, I’ll select a team for those who took them last week. I like the

CARDINALS to down the pitiful 49ers at home in a game that

Arizona needs to have to stay in the NFC playoff picture. In my pool, I will be taking the

COLTS since I took the Eagles last week. Good luck!

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