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Week 12 Waiver Wire Pickups

Week 12…it’s crunch time baby! With only two or three more games remaining in the regular season of most leagues, there’s a good chance that you’re either established your team as an intergalactic force or interstate roadkill by now. But it’s just as likely that how your team fares in the coming weeks will decide whether you’re a contender or a spectator come playoff time. There’s no rushing into the stands to pummel some beer-throwing accountant here…we’re all about scouring the waiver wire for hot Week 12 pickups! And we have some *exceptionally* excellent ones this week. So let’s get it on!!!

Smokin’ Hot!!!

Julius Jones RB Dallas Cowboys

I’ve been talking about this guy for the last two weeks, and the “Return of Julius” happened in a big way this past week. You had to know that Tuna would work this kid down the line…but 30 carries his first game back? Wow! The Cowgirls are way out of playoff contention and we’re sure to see plenty of Julius and Drew for the rest of the year. Jones only picked up 81 yards on those carries…not a great average, but considering that the Boys passing game was completely inept and that the Ravens D is the stoutest in the league, you have to call it a solid comeback performance by young JJ. Chicago, Seattle, and New Orleans are next on the schedule, and Jones should make a pretty good #2 RB in most leagues. Hopefully you picked him up as I suggested a couple of weeks ago. But if you didn’t, run don’t walk to your waiver wire and grab him! The top waiver wire pickup of the week.

Nick Goings RB Carolina Panthers

Who would have predicted this performance? This guy came seemingly from nowhere to sport a huge 121 yard rushing day with 3 TDs against the lowly Cardinals! Add three catches for 21 yards, and this guy was a stud last weekend! With the cupboard quite bare at RB for the injury-riddled Panthers, Goings did quite a lot to distance himself from Brad Hoover and Brandon Bennett in the RBBC that was the Carolina backfield. Goings isn’t going to get 22 carries every game and doesn’t have the skillset that a Julius Jones does, but he looks to be the main ballcarrier for an NFL squad for the rest of the year. That’s a find on the waiver wire in Week 12 for sure! Being the genius that I am, I picked him up in my Dynasty league last week. But before you send the MENSA van to my house, note that he rode the bench in favor of…David Terrell. Maybe the short-bus will be pulling up soon instead! Ugh! Anyhow, Goings should provide decent if not great production for a team having RB issues. Goings…Goings….gone!!!

Solid Pickups

Dante Stallworth WR New Orleans Saints

Dante unleashed an inferno on the Broncos secondary with a big 10 catch 122 yard and a TD day, largely in garbage time. With the Saints down 20-0 after the first quarter, it could be argued that most of the *game* was garbage time, and perhaps the Broncs just lost interest. Nobody has ever questioned this guy’s talent, but he’s never been able to put it all together for any length of time. Atlanta next week is no picnic, but with Carolina and Dallas next on the schedule, Stallworth might be a sneaky boom-or-bust WR for you if you can afford to play matchups.

Chester Taylor RB Baltimore Ravens

We’ve mentioned Chester here several times in the past…he’s always a hot commodity when Jamal Lewis is out, and he performs well. Lewis tweaked his ankle against the Cowboys last week and Taylor produced solid if not great Fantasy numbers. From watching the game, it seemed that Lewis wasn’t badly hurt and may have returned to a more competitive contest. If that was the case, Taylor doesn’t have great value in the coming weeks. But if things are looking questionable, immediately elevate Taylor to Smokin’ Hot status…even though the Ravens play a tough Pats D on the road, he’d still be a starter for many clubs. With Musa Smith suffering a Theisman-esque leg break this week, Taylor would be the only show in town for a strong Ravens rushing squad. Stay tuned…

Najeh Davenport / Tony Fisher RB Green Bay Packers

This is another “watch the wire” pick. Ahman Green took a shot to the ribs this past week against the Texans and watched the majority of the game from the sideline. If he misses action, look for either Davenport or Fisher to enjoy a favorable Monday Night matchup against a very questionable Rams defense. Davenport himself has been hurt himself, having a bad hamstring that prevented him not only from being on the active Packers roster, but also presumably limited his ability to squat over a clothing hamper. If Najeh is still in the dumper, Fisher is next in line, though he didn’t particularly good this past weekend. Pay attention this week and you might get yourself a nice spot start out of one of these guys.

Joe Jurevicius WR Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Frosted Lucky Charms…they’re magically Jurevicius!! Joe has been injured much of the year, but has looked good the last couple of weeks, coming up big with 5 for 82 and 2 huge TDs this weekend. This former Giant is a big red-zone target and has established good chemistry with Brian Greise. The Bucs offense has looked much improved the last few weeks, and Jurevicius makes a decent #2 or #3 WR for most teams.

On the Radar

Drew Henson QB Dallas Cowboys

He was mentioned here last week, and he saw his first action of the year this past week and looked quite good in relief of Vinny. While no starter has been named for the Thanksgiving Day game, I can’t see what the Boys have to gain by leaving Testeverde in the lineup given that they’re way out of the playoff hunt. He’s a talent, but probably won’t put up enormous Fantasy numbers…this year at least. A great Dynasty league pickup if he’s not on a roster already.

Jerry Rice WR Seattle Seahawks

Who ever thought we’d see Jerry in the On the Radar section of a waiver wire article? Amazing indeed. Nonetheless, Rice had a nice game against the lowly Fins, with 86 yards receiving and a TD. It was announced that Koren Robinson is suspended for 4 games due to smoking the wacky tobaccee, so Rice should see some increased action. He’s no longer the legend he once was, but the Hawks can score and he’ll get his looks. A decent fill-in should you be a hurtin’. Rice Rice Baby!

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