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Week 13

Bill Parcells has re-positioned himself as the smartest man in football this week. Now the only question is whether he can lead the Cowboys to the promised land or not. Well, actually Tony Romo will be leading them. Romo’s performance wasn’t one for the ages, but they still found a way to win despite two interceptions and no TDs. Ofcourse, the Giants aren’t the team they were six weeks ago, either. Tom Coughlin has managed to make crap out of everything he touches, as the team is in to full implode mode now. Tiki Barber is retiring, and Michael Strahan is probably right behind him. Jeremy Shockey and Plaxico Burress are total head cases. Anytime a team calls a players only meeting, there is trouble. No two ways about it.


Reggie Bush had his coming out party against the 49ers on Sunday. The game we have all been waiting for happened, as he lit up the Superdome for four scores. The place was electric every time he touched the ball, and I have a feeling Gary Kubiak feels it in Houston. Even Ray Nagin doesn’t score that much in the big easy. I still have some doubts about the Saints as a playoff team but they could very well end up in the number two spot if they can beat Dallas this week.


Lovie Smith this week said emphatically many times that they are 10-2 with Rex Grossman. Yes we know. We also know that you are in the weakest division in the league, with the other teams combining for 11 wins in 36 games played. We also know the defense is carrying that team on its back, just like it did last year. What we don’t know is if Rex Grossman is going to come out and throw 4 TDs or 6 INTs. In the last five games, he has thrown five TDs and 10 INTs, with a QB rating of 49.8. Against Minnesota he was 6-19 for 34 yards. There is no way they are going to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman this year. He is fulfilling the Florida quarterback curse.


Is it just me, or did New England lay a giant egg at home on Sunday? I know they won and all, but they looked really bad doing it. If it takes a 15 point rally, at home, against a 2-9 team you have some problems. It just seems to me that shaky games against Detroit, Buffalo, Indy, Jets and Denver, at home, makes me think that the Patriots aren’t as unbeatable as they once were. The playoffs are a different story, so we shall see.


Just Plain Lousy Game of the Week : BAL vs CIN – This is only lousy because I totally forgot it was on and had to catch the shortened replay on the satellite. Not sure how Baltimore can look like the class of the AFC and then completely blow it and let Cincinnati back in the division race.


Quick Hits:


Charlie Frye got injured this week against the Chiefs and no one actually noticed. Except Herm Edwards, when they lost in overtime.


I did hear that Adam Sandler and Burt Reynolds attended the Ravens-Bengals game, but apparently they thought it was yet another remake of the Longest Yard.


Somehow I think that Jake Plummer chuckled a little when Jay Cutler threw the ill-advised pass that was picked and returned for a touchdown.


The Texans won with 124 total yards and minus five yards passing. To quote Kevin Smith “ <Long Pause and quizzical look> I got nuthin.”


The Steelers are playing just well enough to get an average draft pick next year. That’s all I have to say about that.



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