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Week 13 Audibles- Catch Phrase

I can tell when Todd Haley Lies… His lips move.

Todd Haley said to reporters that Tyler Palko remains the starter. I’m not buying it at all. Do you really think that the Chiefs would pick up the additional 2.8 million bucks of Kyle Orton‘s salary if they weren’t in dire straits. They are in trouble and fans aren’t going to stand for Tyler Palko turning the ball over any longer. There is a reason that he hasn’t stuck with a team.
He isn’t good.

While I can appreciate those who will look at the good in everything, You just can’t find any here. Palko is about as worthless as Rusty Smith, who the Titans keep around because he sure can rock that clipboard. Orton has been seen taking snaps with the first team this week and for good reason.

Don’t let the smoke screen comment fool you. This is the same as the situation in Philadelphia when Kevin kolb was the starter and Mike Vick was waiting in the wings. I don’t quite understand why you care what Palko thinks as he probably doesn’t make the team next season. Orton is under center this week regardless of the nonsense that comes from Todd Haley. My biggest issue is that he mentioned Palko and Ricky Stanzi and “best Chance to win” in the same sentence.
Get real.

Even A Blind Squirrel Finds The Nut!

Donald Brown did just what I told you he would last week. Brown gained 80 yards on 14 carries and visited the end zone. He added one reception for 17 yards. I wrote that it would be interesting to see what he could do with 20 carries. I had him at 17 carries for 80 yards and a score. My thoughts going forward are that he should be owned in all leagues because someone has to get the damn carries with Joseph Addai on the shelf. He has every confidence of coaches and teammates. Is this the week that he gets 20 touches? I’m going to go just under with 18. In garbage time you may see a reception for a touchdown as well. I’ll say 15 carries 75 yards, three receptions for 25 yards and a touchdown. Regardless of the outcome fantasy owners have learned that Joseph Addai isn’t the guy going forward and unless Delone Carter magically has the light bulb illuminate over his head, it’s Donald Brown‘s job to lose.

Talk All The Smack You Want, After You Catch The Ball.

Stevie Johnson showed poor taste with his mocking of Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the leg. The fact is that Burress has actually turned his life around. I would advise Johnson that he should learn to catch the ball before he mocks anyone. He dropped a very well thrown ball that would have been an easy touchdown. It hit him in the hands with both feet on the ground.

Burress can actually catch the ball and his size makes him a much better red zone target. Look at the numbers, Burress actually catches a touchdown every 4.85 receptions this season. Stevie Johnson catches one every 10.8 receptions. The premier receiver in the game, Calvin Johnson averages a TD every 5.25. Eric Decker is the only receiver with a better average at a TD every 4.625.

Regardless of averages, Burress said he was not upset by the celebration because he didn’t see it. Rather, he was told about it. Burress spoke to the media and told them that Johnson had apologized and he had nothing but love for Steve Johnson. The old Burress would have met him at the bus. Many of us wish the old Burress would have met him at the bus. Just keep your eye on Burress because he still has the skills to take over a game.

Leaves Aren’t The Only Thing Falling…

Owen Daniels value is suddenly plummeting with Matt Schaub out. I have cut ties with Daniels and suggest that you do the same. This week Jared Cook is an awful good play, and one certainly can’t deny the “soldier” Kellen Winslow has been getting a crazy amount of looks lately. These two candidates are great additions if you own Daniels and want to get away from the Texans’ offense. Arian Foster will get increased carries as will Big Ben Tate. I expect that T.J. Yates will be more of a game manager. All the more reason to cut ties.

Moore Reasons To Add him…

Matt Moore is still available in a number of leagues and I’m surprised. I’m riding Vince Young one more week because despite his mediocre performance, He put up 400 yards and a TD in garbage time. He isn’t going to win you many games but he puts up enough points to make him a better play than Caleb Hanie, Tyler Palko, Christian Ponder, Rex Grossman, and T.J. Yates.

You guessed right, I had most of my eggs in the Matt Schaub basket. I will take a look at Orton and Delhomme but ultimately think Moore has upside. If he is still available in your league today grab him if you are in a similar situation. This week he will face a Raiders’ defense that ranks 23rd against points given up to quarterbacks.

Get In The Zone.

Hopefully you are all still alive in your playoff pictures. I need a little help in one league and am very much alive in another. Perhaps ‘CJ Under 2k’ will make another appearance this week against a dreadful Buffalo run defense? If he does he has an outside shot at his fourth century game this year. I just can’t get over the two lousy touchdowns. All I want for Christmas is a running back who can cross the stripe. Maybe this is the week folks? Thanks for the read folks.

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