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Week 14 in Survivor Pools

Week 13 Review

Last week, I took the 

Titans as my pick in my survivor pool. Tennessee snapped their losing streak and VY had one of his best games of the year. I am one of nine remaining in my pool that began with 350 people. It’s getting down to crunch time!

2007 Record: 14-1

This week there are a few options, but I’ll narrow it done to one team who I think is your best bet. You’ve come this far so don’t blow it now!

Week 14 Selection

I survived the brutal Week 13 schedule and I must come up with a pick for Week 14. There are several heavy favorites this week, so let’s check out the schedule.


Packers will beat the Raiders at home. You know the deal: Use ’em if you got ’em.


Jaguars host the Panthers coming off a tough road loss in Indy. They’ll come home and take their anger out on Carolina, who just beat the 49ers. I don’t see the Jags losing two straight or the Panthers winning two straight. Not to mention, the AFC is stronger than the NFC, so the Jags are a nice pick this week.

Buffalo takes on the winless Dolphins (0-12) and the Bills need to win out to have a chance to make the playoffs in the AFC. It starts this week against Miami, who travels north to battle the elements. It should be a cold one in Buffalo and that spells trouble for the warm-weather Dolphins. I just hate betting against teams on streaks because they must end sometime. That may sway my decision this week…

Lastly, the

Vikes take on the the 49ers in San Fran. Minnesota is on fire right now, but traveling to the West Coast is never easy for anyone. Since there are equal or better options this week at home, I think Ill pass on Minny for now. They could be a potential pick down the road at home, anyway.

MY PICK: I love them this week coming back home off a road-divisional loss. They’ll be ready to take on the Panthers and give them a beating. Don’t expect Carolina to score more than 10 points this week. With all of that said, I’m rolling with the

JAGUARS this week. Go Jags!

If you need help with a Week 14 decision, or have any questions, or comments, feel free to email me:

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