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Week 15

Terrell Owens made headlines again, but as usual it was not for his good play or his leadership. It was for spitting in the face of another player, which should be a humiliation for himself and his team. Apparently, it’s not. T.O was fined 35,000 for the incident, and to put that into terms we can understand it would be like you spitting on a co-worker and your company fining you fifty cents. This is appalling, and not because it’s T.O. What is the difference between illegal hits, spitting or other things that are conduct inappropriate and substance abuse? They both show a pattern of behavior that needs to be corrected, and the punishment should be worthy of the collective offenses, just like substance abuse. Do I think the first time someone spits they should be suspended four games? No. But it should start with a one game suspension. Then two, four, eight, a season, and ban. The league has got to get tough and start to maintain better control of all the players and their monumental egos.


Another year, and another very bad NFC. Currently, there are seven teams at .500 or better, two of those are .500, which means it is very likely that the six seed will be 8-8. In the AFC, there are 12 teams at .500 or better, and 8-8 won’t even sniff a playoff berth. I simply don’t see anyone in the NFC that can truly dominate any game. The Bears, the lone standout at 12-2 with the undaunted defense, allowed the Bucs to come back from 21 points down to force overtime. The 49ers can actually win the division if they win out and Seattle loses their last two, and the 49ers would be 8-8 and a division winner. Build the bomb shelter folks, the end has arrived.


The Titans have certainly hit a hot streak, winning five straight behind great performances from Vince Young (except Sunday) and their defense this week. Despite all the hype I don’t think it will be enough, but it gives them something to build on for next year. Ofcourse, that is what was said about Miami last year, and look how they turned out. Their season has Nick Saban wanted to go cry in a corner in Alabama.


On a sadder note, the league said goodbye to one of its legends, Lamar Hunt as he lost his battle with prostate cancer this week. This man was one of the creators of the modern league, coined the phrase Super Bowl, and was representative of everything it means to be a class owner. He was beloved and from what I hear if you ever wanted to give him a call he was always listed in the phone book. Lamar, you will be missed.


Just Plain Lousy Game of the Week: STL vs. OAK – Oakland’s longest drive before the end of the game was 27 yards. That team is just plain miserable.  


Quick Hits:


Frank Gore ran for nearly one hundred yards in the fourth quarter against the Seahawks on Thursday. The man is a machine.


Chris Weinke, after six years in the league, looked like he was still in high school this week. In a surprise move, the Texans inquired about trading Mario Williams for him.


Adrian McPherson brought a suit against the Titans for being run over by their mascot and possibly ending his career before it started. I guess the millions of dollars he stands to gain will make up for admitting that a mascot kicked your ass.


Troy Smith has to ship the heisman trophy home as it wouldn’t get by security in the airport. At least we know we are protected from the trophy bomber.


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