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Week 16 in Survivor Pools

Week 15 Review


Bucs dominated the Falcons in back-to-back easy selections in survivor pools. The Jaguars and Bucs, two under-rated teams, were great teams to use this late in the season. I’m still alive in my pool and we’re coming down to the end. Just two weeks to play…

2007 Record: 15-1

Week 16 Selection

Let’s check out our options for this week…

Pittsburgh @ St. Louis – Can’t trust Pittsburgh at this point and you probably don’t have them anyway.

Dallas @ Carolina– I’d stay away from the road teams, just like Pittsburgh.

Oakland @ Jacksonville– The Jaguars are a good pick if you have them this late in the season. I can’t see them losing to the Raiders at home.

Philadelphia @ New Orleans– Stay away from the shootout in Nawlins.

Kansas City @ Detroit – Not trusting either one of these teams in survivor.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati – Avoid this game. These divisional battles are always close and Cincy will look for revenge at home. You’ll want to use Cleveland in Week 17 vs SF anyway.

Green Bay @ Chicago – See Dallas @ Carolina.


Giants @ Buffalo – Should be a good, close, low scoring game. In survivor pools, you avoid those.

Houston @ Indianapolis – You should have used Indy by now with the threat of them resting players. Stay away from this one.

Atlanta @ Arizona – Arizona narrowed my pool down a few weeks back, so I am not going to put trust in them. They have just been eliminated from playoff contention, have a banged up WR corps, and haven’t been playing well lately. I don’t want to rely on them to keep my season alive at this point. I imagine they’ll be a popular pick this week since those alive probably have Arizona, and there is not much left, but I’m staying away.

Tampa Bay @ San Francisco – This looks easier on paper for Tampa, but traveling to across the country is never easy. If you have Tampa Bay, they should be okay as they battle for the 3 seed, but I don’t like the fact that they’re on the road.

Baltimore @ Seattle – Seattle seems like a solid pick at home since Miami just showed the rest of the league who is currently the worst team in football- Baltimore.

Miami @ New England – “You sand baggin’ son a gun” if you have them!

NY Jets @ Tennessee – I have a feeling about the Jets this week. I think this one will be close, but Tennessee is definetly an option if you don’t have anything else. I’ve already used them so I’ll be looking elsewhere.

Washington @ Minnesota – The battle for a wildcard spot in the NFC takes place on Sunday Night football in Minnesota. Todd Collins goes for his 3rd straight win (2nd start), and that seems crazy to me. I don’t see Minny losing at home in a game in which they win, they’ll likely be playing football in January. It should be a close game, but I like Minnesota to get the W. Washington’s strength, the run game, plays right into the Vikes strength, which will mean Todd Collins needing to lead the Skins to victory. I don’t see it.

Denver @ San Diego – The Chargers are hot right now, but this is a divisional game. Denver got spanked last time at home and I think they’ll want to come out with some fire early, but it will eventually diminish as the game goes on. If you have San Diego this late, feel free to use them.

MY PICK: I know it’s a close game and you’ll see by my explanation above that I like the Vikes this week. I’d rather put trust in a playoff-bound team than a team that just got eliminated from the playoffs, is hurt, and not playing well (the Cardinals). I’ll be waiting All Day until this SNF game, but cheering on Purple Jesus and company at night. Go


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