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Week 16 – Survivor Pools

you were not another victim to the dream-killing Oakland Raider team that
pulled off a third upset this season. The fact that they had beaten the Eagles
and Steelers already this season was reason enough for me to avoid that game.
There are just two weeks left in the season and your options are extremely
slim. Take a look at the Week 16 game-by-game analysis.


Christmas Night


@ Titans – Stay away from the Christmas night game with AFC playoff implications.
I do like the Titans to end the Chargers’ win streak.




Bills @
Falcons –

could be an option this week with

starting Brian Brohm. However, I am going to stay away from this one with the
other intriguing Week 16 options you will read about. They’ll be the fallback
option for this week.


Chiefs @
Bengals – Use the Bengals if you have them available this week to rebound after
a tough loss last weekend.

will get back to their winning ways at home.


Raiders @
Browns – Bad teams are playing high-scoring games this season. Will the trend


@ Packers – The Packers should handle the Seahawks after that tough game at
Heinz Field on Sunday. Use them if available.


Texans @
Dolphins – Two 7-7 teams square off in

with hopes of making the playoffs. Both are likely done, but will play a close
game. Give me the home team.


Ravens @
Steelers – Big game for both teams as

looks to gain some momentum after the thrilling win over

Green Bay.
I’ll take the Ravens on the road.


@ Giants – Give me the Giants on a short week to beat the Panthers, who are
coming off a big home win against the Vikings. It will be short-lived as the
Giants handle business on Sunday. They’re a potential option if you didn’t use
them the first five weeks.


Jaguars @
Patriots – I can’t trust

New England
of late and you likely do not have them available at this point. I’ll pick the
Pats, but like the Jags to keep it tight.


Bucs @
Saints – The perfect season is over, but the Saints will get back to their
dominant play.


Rams @
Cardinals – Never like these divisional games, but have to like the Cards
against the 1-13 Rams.


Lions @
49ers – The 49ers will likely be the top pick this week since they have not
been used by many. I like them to beat the Lions in

San Francisco,
despite being eliminated from playoff contention.


Broncos @
Eagles – Avoid this one. Dawkins return to

Philadelphia. It will be interesting to see
how the Broncos respond after their home loss to



Jets @
Colts – A lot of questions on the Colts’ side of the ball in this one. Avoid.




Cowboys @
Redskins – Redskins at home on primetime against NFC East team … Didn’t we just
see that? They’ll put up more of a fight against their rival Cowboys.




Vikings @
Bears – What is up with

Got to like them to win, but that is more because of the play of




: This week there are a few teams
I like. Bengals, Packers, Saints, Cardinals are on the first level if you have
any of them. Giants or 49ers next. If you do not have one of those six teams,
then try your luck with

The similarity in all of these games is that I am selecting the home teams.
This is a good week for home teams. Next week? Maybe not so much.


Good luck
this weekend!



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