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Week 17 in Survivor Pools


It’s the day that I hoped would never come this season: Elimination Day. The Vikings loss to the Redskins knocked me out of my pool after 15 weeks of survival. The Vikings cost themselves a playoff berth as well.

FINAL 2007 Record: 15-2*

*I selected two teams in Week 12 for those without the Colts.

I’d like to thank all of those who have emailed me throughout the year. Good luck to those who are still alive as well!

I won’t be making a pick this week since I’m eliminated from my pool, but I’ll give you a recommendation.

Take the Browns.

The Browns are hosting the 49ers and despite the game not meaning anything, they still want to finish with a ten-win season. It would be a great feat for Cleveland to go 10-6 after a few poor previous seasons.

Week 17 is a crazy week in the NFL with teams resting players for the post season and the oddsmakers having trouble of determining who will play and who won’t. Therefore, if you have survived this far, the Panthers over the Bucs, for example, may even be a possibility for you if you have used all of your better options.

Good luck!

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