Wednesday - Jan 27, 2021
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Week 2

OK, I have a confession to make. 


My name is Greg and I did not watch any football this weekend. 


Even though I am a huge fan of the game, I saw less than 10 minutes of action from this weekend and all of it on replay. 


I just got back from a long weekend of golfing with some buds in the Pocono mountains and had no access to the internet.  I feel lost and out of touch with what happened this weekend, but I do know that my Patriots won and that I need to check the injury reports against all 10 of my fantasy rosters before waivers run for this coming week.


Now we did plan to watch both games while playing poker each night.  But late on Sunday night we headed out to a local drinking establishment, the parking lot was empty and we weren’t even sure if the place was open.  We were determined to find a pool table and the lights were on in the place.  Inside we found a few people including the owner paying cursory attention to a very small TV that hung in the corner.  With the TV being so small and it being just the Dolphins and Bengals, we really didn’t pay much attention to the game either.  One guy at the bar was telling us about his fantasy team roster that includes TJ Houshmandzadeh.  Realizing that this guy needed some help I suggested he check out the Shark tank.  So dude, if you are reading this, drop Housh-man-whatever his name is as soon as you can. 


After playing 36 holes of golf on Monday (only about 10 of them were played well) we planned to get a bite to eat and then watch the big matchup between the Vikings and the Eagles.  But I was beat and crashed out on the couch prior to kickoff.  When I woke up in the 3rd period the Eagles were well on their way to victory. 


Now I can’t believe I’m saying this about Comcast Cable but, thank God for the NFL network and Comcast’s On Demand.  Every NFL game in capsule form for me to watch when I want to this week.  Yeah, life is good.


Unfortunately I have to get back to reality.  The golf trip is over and I have to go to work on Wednesday.  So let’s take a look at this week’s voting and new nominees. 


Stephen Davis struggled in week 1, was nominated against Jamal Lewis and then was voted out of our competition with 78% of your votes.  To make matters worse, Davis had arthroscopic surgery this week on his knee and could be out up to 5 weeks.


Now onto the nominees for this week’s Ultimate Fantasy voting.


Current contestant list:

Shaun Alexander       Tiki Barber               Kevan Barlow

Domanick Davis        Stephen Davis          Corey Dillon            

Marshall Faulk          Ahman Green            Travis Henry

Priest Holmes           Edgerrin James          Rudi Johnson

Jamal Lewis             Duece McAllister        Clinton Portis

Fred Taylor              LaDainlian Tomlinson  Brian Westbrook


Each week we’ll take the 2 lowest fantasy producers based on the Fantasy Sharks scoring system and put them up for an elimination vote.


This week the nominees include 2 backs that are struggling due to injuries.  Shaun Alexander and Duece McAllister are up for your votes.  Alexander rushed for 45 yards on 17 carries for 4 fantasy points.  Duece left his game early and got 0 fantasy points and just 1 measly yard.  McAllister looks to be out for a few weeks while nursing a high ankle sprain, ouch.


So it is up to you to vote for with Shaun or Duece.  While you’re voting, leave a comment or two with the reasoning for your vote.

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