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Week 2 Bounce Back Players

Week 2 Players who should bounce back


Donovan McNabb – He should have a much better week after his sub-par 184 yards 1 TD 1 INT against the Green Bay Packers. Look for 250ish yards 2 tds this week as he faces the Washington Redskins.

Matt Leinart – He faces a Seattle defense this week and he also looks to improve on his meek performance in week 1. He threw for 102 yards with 1 TD 1 INT. Look for a nice comeback this week as he should throw for 250 yards with 2 TD’s

Drew Brees – What can I say but awful, that’s what describes Drew’s week 1 vs the Colts. Now that week 1 is behind him, look for Brees to return to form. They face-off with Tampa Bay this week I would expect a 250 yard performance with 2 TD’s.

Marc Bulger – Played week 1 vs a solid defense in Carolina, Marc will face a lesser defense this week in San Francisco. Bulger should have a nice bounce back this week and should eclipse the 300 mark with 2 TD’s. Some will say the loss of Pace will really hurt this offense, I think it will have an effect on the offense but it will continue to roll on.


Steven Jackson – Week 1 was anything but special for the #2 overall pick in most fantasy drafts, thank you for week 2. He will face a weaker defense in San Francisco which should open up some nice running lanes for him. Look for a nice return to form for Sjax as he racks up 90 yards rushing 5 receptions 25 yards receiving and 1 TD.

Cedric Benson – Benson faced a tough opponent in week 1 in the San Diego Chargers, as you can tell with his lackluster numbers. Well this week he will face a very week Chiefs defense, that Benson should shred for some nice yards. Look for Benson to break 100 yards and score a TD.

Rudi Johnson – Rudi faced one of the best defenses in the NFL last week in the Baltimore Ravens, where he managed a minimal 50 yards. He gets to go against the Cleveland Browns this week, who let FWP rush for over 100 yards. With all the weapons the Bengals have, the running attack should be much better this week. Rudi busts out for 100 yards and a TD.


Deion Branch – All I can say is where did this guy go week 1. I promise you barring any injury Branch will not have another goose egg. Look for 6 catches 90 yards and a TD.

Lee Evans – Had a huge performance in week 1, 2 catches for 5 yards against a strong Broncos defense.  Lee matches up again with Pittsburgh another team that has a very stong defense. Look for a solid week from him 6 receptions 85 yards and a TD.

Larry Fitzgerald – Posted a 3 recption for 20 yard night last week, not what we expect from a #1 WR.  He will bounce back this week against Seattle as he goes 7 receptions 75 yards and a TD.

Reggie Brown – Was no where to be found in week 1, posting 1 catch for 14 yards. He looks to have a better week against the Redskins on Monday Night Football. Look for McNabb to find Brown all night long as he goes for 8 receptions for 85 yards and a TD.

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