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Week 2 in Survivor Pools


The Steelers at home in Week 1 did not disappoint, unlike other AFC front-runners such as the Colts and Chargers (and almost the Patriots). As you can see from this past week, it proves yet again that Week 1 is the toughest week of the season. Survive and advance. But who for Week number two?


The Rules:


  1. Stay away from road teams.
  2. Stay away from divisional matchups.
  3. Never take a divisional team on the road.

Keep in mind as we get later in the season and have less options, some of these rules must be disregarded.


On to Week 2…


There are not many options this week and teams are still trying to find their identity. Let’s breakdown each game this weekend:


Saints @ Redskins: Stay away. Road team is a slight favorite so that isn’t appealing.


Colts @ Vikings: See above.


Bears @ Panthers: Stay away. (You’ll hear that a lot in this closely-matched Week 2)


Raiders @ Chiefs:

looked horrible on MNF, but I’ll stay away from this rivalry.


Packers @ Lions: Not going near this divisional game either.


Bills @ Jaguars: If the Jaguars were not without several starting offensive lineman this week, I would have liked them to rebound at home. However, since that is not the case, I’m looking elsewhere.


Giants @ Rams: In the highest point spread game of the week, the reigning champs go to
St. Louis to play a team that got embarrassed in

. That is the only concern here to see if the Rams have any pride to bounce back at home. I’m thinking they don’t have enough talent … keep this game in mind.


Titans @ Bengals: Pass.

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