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Week 3

Last week we saw Deuce McAllister and Shaun Alexander put up for the eviction vote.  But it really wasn’t a contest as Deuce was eliminated with 95% of the vote. 


It was hard to believe Alexander was even nominated as he leads all runningbacks with 6 touchdowns scored.  His problem is consistency, 3TDs in weeks 1 and 3 but nothing in week 2.  As an Alexander owner, I hope we see more 3TD games than the shutouts.


Actually the bigger contest this week was to see how many ways we could spell Deuce’s name.  I admit that I spelled it wrong, Duece, but at least I was consistent every time I used his name.  No matter how you spell it, Deuce has been a disappointment this season and if you drafted him in the first round you are probably not 3-0.


One thing we did learn in week 3 is that you can never have enough runningback depth on your fantasy roster.  Charlie Garner blew out his knee and Lamar Gordon broke his arm.  Both are done for the year.  Rookie Kevin Jones is out for a few weeks with an ankle sprain as is Julius Jones.  The waiver wire will be hot this week with names like Artose Pinner, Leonard Henry, Richie Anderson and Tony Hollings.


Now onto the nominees for this week’s Ultimate Fantasy voting.


Current contestant list:

Shaun Alexander       Tiki Barber                         Kevan Barlow

Domanick Davis        Stephen Davis                    Corey Dillon            

Marshall Faulk          Ahman Green                     Travis Henry

Priest Holmes           Edgerrin James                   Rudi Johnson

Jamal Lewis             Deuce McAllister                 Clinton Portis

Fred Taylor              LaDainian Tomlinson            Brian Westbrook


Each week we’ll take the 2 lowest fantasy producers based on the Fantasy Sharks scoring system and put them up for an elimination vote.


This week the nominees include two backs that put up truly horrible performances in week 3.  Kevan Barlow rushed 10 times for 22 yards.  The Niners could get nothing going and broke their NFL record 420 regular season games without being shutout.  Barlow was probably drafted at the end of the 1st round or early in the second but he has yet to show he is worth being drafted that high.


Domanick Davis started off slow with just 12 yards on 10 carries before injuring his ankle and being replaced by Jonathan Wells.  Wells didn’t do much better but the Texans didn’t need the running game to beat the Chiefs and sending them to an 0-3 start.


So we have two brutal performances, but you can only vote for one.  Which will it be, Kevan or Domanick?

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