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Week 3 in Survivor Pools

I broke a rule by taking a road team last week, but it was the only game I felt confident in taking. It proved so as

Seattle could not beat

San Francisco at home, which knocked out a good amount of people in pools. The same goes for those who were brave enough to take

Kansas City because of how bad

Oakland looked on MNF. That didn’t turn out so well either. So, thanks to the defending Super Bowl Champs for winning easily and allowing me to survive another week. But who could it be for Week number three?


The Rules:




Stay away from road teams.



Stay away from divisional matchups.



Never take a divisional team on the road.


Keep in mind as we get later in the season and have less options, some of these rules must be disregarded.


Teams chosen:

Week 1


Pittsburgh Steelers (

WIN – defeated

Houston 38-17)

Week 2


New York Giants (

WIN – defeated @ St. Louis 41-13)


On to Week 3 …


Unlike Week 2, there are a few solid options this week. There are five games where the Vegas betting line is over nine points.


Let’s break down each game again …


Chiefs @ Falcons: Matt Ryan and Tyler Thigpen. You want to choose between that? I don’t.


Raiders @ Bills: Here’s our first option of the week. Let’s review:

Oakland gets embarrassed at home on MNF against

Denver. They travel to

Kansas City in a divisional game and upset the Chiefs. Now they’ll head back on the road to the east coast to face

Buffalo. Remember what happen when

Seattle came to

Buffalo in Week 1? The Bills are 2-0 and should be 3-0 after this weekend. This is a possibility.


Bucs @ Bears: Should be a good, defensive battle. Not survivor material.


Texans @ Titans: Never like to touch this game.


Panthers @ Vikings: Another good game. The Vikings NEED this one, and it won’t be easy with Steve Smith coming back for



Dolphins @ Patriots: Another option this week is

New England. I wanted to see the play of the quarterback for one week to judge the Pats. It’s a divisional game, but the Dolphins will play their second straight road game and the fans in Foxboro are ready to embrace

Cassel in his first home start. Forget about saving the top teams. The Pats should roll over the Fins, but don’t expect them to put up too many points.


Bengals @ Giants: Used the G-Men last week, but if you didn’t, they’re an option this week. I wouldn’t take them though with the other options this week. (I will not be including teams I have already taken in my options below.)


Cardinals @ Redskins: That win by the Skins last week was big. I like them again this week, but stay away.


Lions @ 49ers: Nope.


Rams @ Seahawks: The Rams are awful, but I’m not trusting

Seattle until they stop losing players to injury. Even then, I still may not trust them.


Saints @ Broncos: Fantasy owners have to love this one. A 50+ point shootout in

Denver is on the horizon. Tough loss for

New Orleans last week as they could drop to 1-2. Avoid this one.



@ Philadelphia: There are some one-sided matchups this week, but there are also some great games. This matchup of PA teams will be one of them.


Jaguars @ Colts: Look elsewhere.


Browns @ Ravens: It’s now or never for

Cleveland. Fantasy owners better not expect much out of Anderson, Lewis & Co. yet again.


Cowboys @ Packers: The NFC is on the rise.


Jets @ Chargers: Brutal spot for the Jets here traveling to SD to face a desperate, hungry Charger team who still can’t be happy over last week’s game in

Denver. An extra day for Tomlinson helps

San Diego, but who knows what to expect from him? Either way, I expect

San Diego to come out on fire early and hold off the Jets.


Here are




over Dolphins


over Raiders


over Jets





As you watch people drop out of their elimination pool left and right, you can realize there is no time for “saving” teams. Survive and advance.

New England showed they can play with Cassel at QB and are home against

Miami this week. Nevertheless, the Patriots really only have one more game in the next two months where I could see me taking them. That’s now and Week 8 vs. the Rams. Now sounds like a good time. If the Patriots want to get back at me (a Giant fan) for last season, here’s their chance. The fish should not break double figures this Sunday. Let the regular season win streak continue. Thanks for all of the positive feedback in the emails!


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at


Good luck this week!



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