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Week 3 Pickups

We’re got plenty of hot picks on the waiver wire this week!  There were loads of injuries to star players that create opportunity for guys you can get for nuttin’ right off the waiver wire.  Let’s get right down to business.


Smokin’ Hot!!!


Dominic Rhodes RB  Indianapolis Colts

When one thinks of D. Rhodes, visions of this star of the squared-circle might come to mind.  His epic battles with Rick Flair, his legendary stint with the Texas Outlaws.  But wait…that’s Dusty Rhodes!  We’re talking bout Dominic here!  With Edge likely out for Week 3 with a blown hammy, Dom Rhodes is an outstanding starting choice for the coming week.  He’s looked good when he’s had the chance to play in the past and he should produce solid numbers until Edge returns.  He might not beat Andre the Giant in a steel-cage match, but he’s likely an immediate starter on your fantasy squad.


Derrick Blaylock RB  Kansas City Chiefs

With rumors swirling around Chiefland about a high ankle-sprain to a certain Priest, it looks like the boys from KC are looking for someone new to tote the rock for a while.  The odds-on favorite to get the job is 4th year back Derrick Blaylock.  One doesn’t have to expound upon the virtues of owning the Chiefs starting RB, and “I’m not Mookie” makes a nice fill in starter.  Larry Johnson may be in the mix here too at some point, but don’t be afraid to snag Blaylock and plunk him into your lineup if the Priest is indeed on sabbatical this week.


Aaron Stecker RB  New Orleans Saints

Stecker has a name that sounds like one of an accountant, but he may end up accounting for some significant fantasy points for your squad.  Deuce McAllister looks to be missing several weeks of action with an ankle, and the replacement appears to be Stecker.  Aaron didn’t look great this past week, averaging under 3 yards per carry, but I love his 6 catches.  Ironically, KiJana Carter was cut not long before gametime, and he may have been getting a long-distance call from New Orleans last night requesting his return.  Stecker had only 100 career carries before Sunday, so it’s hard to say what kind of talent he has.  But there’s no doubt that New Orleans has a dangerous offense, and if Stecker can hold the job while Deuce is rehabbing, he’s fantasy-starter material.


Solid Pickups


Chris Simms QB  Tampa Bay Bucs

I was never a great fan of this guy in college, but it’s looking like the future may be now in Tampa Bay.  Simms stepped in for aging Brad Johnson this week, and looked pretty good doing it.  He’s sure to have some growing pains like any other first-time starting QB does, but you have to like what Gruden is able to do with his starting QBs.  Probably backup fodder for your squad, but if he keeps the job, he may sneak in to start for you at some point.  A nice Dynasty pickup for sure.


Ben Roethlisberger QB  Pittsburgh Steelers

Another case where the future might be now.  With Maddox out for at least one and possibly several weeks, the job is Ben’s to lose.  He’s regarded as a huge talent, and throwing to Ward and Burress makes life a lot easier for any rookie.  The Steelers would love to see him take the job and run with it.  Whether he can or not has yet to be seen.  In any case, this guy’s going to get some PT for the next few weeks, and we may be watching the franchise in Pittsburgh get his start.  Another blue-chip pickup in a dynasty league, but I’m guessing he’s long gone.


ReShard Lee RB  Dallas Cowboys

An upgrade from last week’s ‘On the Radar’ section, Lee may get some considerable carries now that Julius Jones seems to be out for an extended period of time.  Lee’s basically a poor-man’s Eddie George, but with some tread still on the tire.  Don’t expect him to be a star, but if Eddie’s slowing as much as many say, Lee could see more carries as the season continues. 


Kerry Colbert WR  Carolina Panthers

He’s not big, he’s not fast, and he’s not strong.  But he just may be the most polished rookie receiver at this point, and he’ll make the most of it.  With his first TD this week, Colbert made a good impression during his first week filling in for injured Steve Smith.  If you’re looking for a solid possession receiver at a rock-bottom price, Colbert might be your man.  He’ll get the opportunity, and he just plain knows how to play ball.


Curtis Conway WR  San Francisco 49ers 

Who even knew this guy was still in the league?  Always regarded as a huge talent who never performed up to expectations, Conway arose from the dead in a big way with a 8 catch 112 yard performance this past week.  I’ve been preaching all year that one of the 49er receivers will step up and post some good numbers this year, but who thought that Conway would be the guy?  He’s getting a bit long in the tooth, but with the other Niners so raw and unexperienced, maybe this veteran has found his niche at last.  I’m not completely sold on the guy, but another performance like that of last week might send me scrambling for the bandwagon!


On the Radar


Chester Taylor RB  Baltimore Ravens

You know this guy isn’t going  to be a star as long as he’s playing on a team with a healthy (and free) Jamal Lewis on it.  But Taylor looked good this weekend, outrushing Lewis on fewer carries.  Don’t look for him to steal the job, but know that Jamal has a history of getting hurt, and with his looming court case possibly interrupting his season, Taylor may have set himself apart from Musa Smith for the backup job.  If you’re wasting a roster spot by carrying three kickers or tight ends, get rid of one and stash Taylor away for a rainy day.  Obviously an outstanding handcuff for Lewis owners everywhere!


Ronald Curry RB  Oakland Raiders

This third-year player and former North Carolina basketball star is a converted Tarheel quarterback.  As if that in itself isn’t an impressive athletic resume, Curry made his mark this week with 5 catches for 89 yards and a TD this week.  Oakland smells of a breeding ground for an upcoming fantasy star…could Curry be the one?  I’m not sure, but perhaps it’s an omen that Jerry Rice’s amazing catch streak comes to an end the same week Curry breaks out.  Perhaps not yet worthy of a fantasy pickup in any but the largest of leagues, but he’s one to track.






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