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Week 3 Survivor Pools

How I did in Week 2?


Week 2 Solid Picks were the Jaguars, Steelers, and Bengals.


Week 2 “Lock-it-Up

picks were the Bears and Broncos.

2-0 in the lock picks


2-1 in the solid picks. The only loss being the Bengals in Cleveland in the old-fashioned shootout. That is proof of why you should not take road teams in survivor pools. All of the other four teams were at home.

I went with the Chicago Bears last week and the Seattle Seahawks in Week 1, so I am also in search of a Week 3 team. Fortunately, there are a few options this week.

Instead of using the Solid and Lock-It-Up Picks, I am going to rank two to four teams each week that I feel are best to take as well as a few “honorable mention” teams that you can use if you already took the preferred teams.


* * * * * Pittsburgh Steelers vs. San Francisco 49ers – The Steelers are playing great football right now, but will face their best opponent of the season this weekend. However, the Niners must come all the way to the East coast and just received news that OLB

Manny Lawson will miss the remainder of the season. That is a big blow to their defense, which was playing well early in the season. They’ll be waving the terrible towels in the Steel City Sunday and so should you.

* * * * * New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills – How can you not like a 16.5 favorite at home? Even though I feel you should not “save” too many teams, the Pats are a team you don’t want to use just yet. I would only consider using one of the big three (NE, IND, SD) on weeks where there is no one else.

* * * *

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Detroit Lions – The Eagles NEED this game. If they fall to 0-3, then they are finished and could practically hand the division to the Cowboys (Skins look good so far, but the Cowboys are still the pick). The Lions are 2-0 and have an offense that will be tough to stop. Nevertheless,

Donovan McNabb NEEDS to bounce back this week or it will be a long season in the City of Brotherly Love.

Honorable Mentions (in order of who I like best):

*New Orleans Saints vs. Tennessee Titans – The Saints can’t go 0-3. If they do then last year’s magical ride may have been just that. I don’t believe it was so take the Saints at home under the lights if you need to.

*Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans – No Andre, No W for Texans. If the Colts were home, they would be ranked higher. Take the Colts as a last resort this week, though.





Tempting Pick to

Stay Away From:

Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons.





My Pick: Since I’m giving you advice on who to take, I should tell you who I am taking.

The Pittsburgh Steelers. Go ahead, wave that Terrible Towel.

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