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Week 4

The injury train continues to roll on and this makes for some interesting trade opportunities and troubling who to start questions. Getting your hands on a stud WR from a team starting the likes William Green and The Bus at RB has never been easier for those with depth.


As injury lists grow so does the opportunity to stack your roster by dishing off some of your depth.


Here are some of the questions I pulled from the board and my email.



Shawn: Thanks for suggesting I take Edge over Lewis in the draft. I really think it’s going to work well for me. NOW. I have Edge, C. Brown, Faulk, Dunn, Staley, Harrison, Chad Johnson, R. Smith, Toomer and Hasselbeck as my core, to work from. We start 1 QB, 2 RB’s, 2 WR’s and a flex RB or WR. Do you think that I should try to work a deal to trade Faulk and Harrison for T.O. Harrison has been really disappointing and I’m 1-2. The owner that has TO is picking up RBs like L. Henry, so I think he might go for it. Do you think I should propose the trade? Or is there some other way to use my RB depth to upgrade my team?


Corey D: You are deep at RB and this could play well into scoring a top notch WR but I don’t think that you should give up Harrison. Trading two studs for one stud isn’t something that I normally recommend. I understand how you can be disappointed in Harrison’s recent performance but teams are going to figure out that they can’t leave Wayne and Stokley in single coverage all the time. This means that Harrison will get more one-on-one coverage and he will get into his rhythm.


Using Chad Johnson in this deal seems to make sense to me especially when you consider who is throwing him the rock. Palmer has still got some consistency issues so Johnson’s numbers will suffer. Harrison on the other hand has got Manning tossing to him and he is the picture of consistency. 


Imagine starting TO and Harrison as your WRs. That would be insane. 


Brentleim, Leopard Shark: Pittman or Barlow… Coles or Lelie.

Any ideas on which ones I should start?


Corey D: Barlow is the easy pick at RB this week. The match up against St. Louis makes this one easy. St. Louis is giving up an average of 105 yards per game to RBs as the 5th worst fantasy defense against the rush.


At WR I don’t like either really but if I had to pick I would go with Lelie. Washington is going to pound the ball with Portis and in passing situations Coles is going to draw double coverage. Even though Lelie is facing a tough cover two from Tampa Bay I still think he will have more opportunities.

Irishfinn1, Leopard Shark: C. Dillon or R. Gardner at Flex? I’m wavering. Dillon who is arguably a stud and on the NFL powerhouse team against #4 ranked rush D… or Gardner who has been good but is on a fairly unimpressive offense (#16 in passing offense) against #24 ranked pass D ? Trust Brunell? Or trust Dillon’s talent?


Corey D: Tough decision here but I would go with Dillon here. Buffalo has got one of the toughest run defenses in the league so don’t expect much but NE will test them and Dillon will get his touches.


Fantasy Point-wise it is more then likely a wash between Gardner and Dillon but Dillon has a better shot to give you a few extra points and maybe even a pay dirt visit.



Jake: The Jets D looks to go against some pretty soft offensive units the rest of the season.  Do you like the Jets D over the Steelers D from this point forward?


Corey D: The Jets do appear to have a weaker schedule overall but I am reluctant to say that they will be the better defense of the two from this point further. The Jets still have to face New England twice, Seattle, and St. Louis. Another thing that bothers me is the Jets rush defense hasn’t been great thus far and though the teams they face from this point on are overall weaker on offense they still have solid RBs that will look to expose this flaw in the Jets D.


Currently Pittsburgh has a much better fantasy defense (7th overall compared to the Jets at 23rd) and I just can’t see the Jets schedule making them the better defense from here on out. It’s just too much of a leap.



Remember if you have any questions that you want to shoot across my desk (trade, waiver wire, or otherwise) then just email me here.

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