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Week 4 in Survivor Pools

New England

’s 21 straight regular season wins – Done.


’s road losing streak – Done.

My Survivor pool season – Done.


It looks as if no thing is a sure thing when the 12 ½ point favorite Patriots got completely demolished by Ronnie Brown and the Fish. The Bills also received a scare and pulled out a last-second win while the Giants needed overtime to beat the Bengals. But like I have said, it is all about surviving and advancing, and I was unsuccessful last week.


Anyway, I will still continue this article for those that are allowed to re-buy into their pool or were not eliminated last week.


The Rules:


  1. Stay away from road teams.

  2. Stay away from divisional matchups.

  3. Never take a divisional team on the road.


Keep in mind as we get later in the season and have less options, some of these rules must be disregarded.


Teams chosen:

Week 1


Pittsburgh Steelers (win – defeated

Houston 38-17)

Week 2


New York Giants (win – defeated @ St. Louis 41-13)

Week 3

: New England Patriots (loss – lost to

Miami 38-13)



On to Week 4…


Let’s break down each game again …


Browns @ Bengals – Too risky for these winless teams.


Vikings @ Titans – Good game.


Broncos @ Chiefs – Broncos are an option because the Chiefs are terrible. This breaks a cardinal rule (#3), but

Kansas City is awful.

Denver is also hot at 3-0 so with these teams going in opposite directions, the Broncos are worth a look.


49ers @ Saints – Before the week, I liked the Saints (1-2) coming off a tough loss in

Denver, and then they lost another part of their offense in Jeremy Shockey. The 49ers are also playing decent right now. I still think the Saints play well at home and take care of San Fran. Another option.


Cardinals @ Jets – Jets need this win, but it won’t be easy.


Packers @ Bucs – Battle of the Bay – stay away.


Falcons @ Panthers – Possibly, but I’ll avoid this divisional game.


Texans @ Jaguars – These AFC South games are tricky.


Chargers @ Raiders – Another AFC West road team that has potential, but the Raiders look better than the Chiefs and could potentially be 2-1 if they didn’t blow the game in

Buffalo. I’ll actually hold off on this game.


Bills @ Rams – If you are alive, you probably used

Buffalo last week.

Buffalo is bound to lose one of these. I don’t think they will, but I’m not taking them in survivor.


Redskins @ Cowboys – Divisional rivalry. Looking elsewhere even though I think the Cowboys win by double digits.


Eagles @ Bears – Pass.


Ravens @ Steelers – Steelers are banged up and

Baltimore’s defense is re-energized.





Broncos over Chiefs

Saints over 49ers




I’m going with the Broncos on the road in Kansas City. Yea, I know it breaks the biggest rule, but at this point in this crazy season, I don’t care about it. The Chiefs are awful and the Broncos are hot. Kansas City will win only about three games this year and this isn’t one of them. Go



If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at



Good luck this week!

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