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Week 4 of Survivor Pools

How Did I Do in Week 3?

5 Stars
Steelers over 49ers =

5 Stars =
Patriots over Bills =

4 Stars
Eagles over Lions =

Hope you took that advice and you are advancing to the fourth week of the NFL season in your survivor pools. There were several options in Week 3, but Week 4 is more challenging.

My Week 4 Picks:

* * * * * San Diego Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs: The Chargers are a lock to win this game Sunday because they will not fall to 1-3 and the Chiefs are awful. The only question that arises here is should you save them? If you look ahead to Week 6, there are not many options especially with six teams on a bye. The Chargers play the Raiders in SD in Week 6, so if you want to pass on them now and use them in Week 6, here is another option…

* * * * * Dallas Cowboys vs. St. Louis Rams: An O-Line playing terrible + Bulger banged up + Steven Jackson out = bad news for the Rams. Not to mention that their defense is nothing to write home about. The Cowboys are coming in hot after a big Sunday Night road win and will have their home crowd behind them.  If Steven Jackson was playing this week, I could potentially see the Cowboys having a hangover from the Bears win, but the Rams are just too beat up. The Cowboys offense should have a field day and T.O. will have a monster day at home.

* * * * Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos: See the trend? Taking home teams is the way to go. The Colts have an over-rated Broncos team coming to the dome Sunday and Indy should be able to handle them. The Colts are almost an option every week since they have the offense to win every game. I would strongly suggest holding onto the Colts and going with SD or DAL this week if you have them available.

There are not may options this week so go with one of those three.

TEAM TO AVOID: RAVENS @ Browns – A divisional road game for the Ravens tells me to stay away. The Ravens could have easily lost the last two games as they played only 3 quarters in each game. Don’t take the Ravens this week.

My Week 4 pick: I am taking the
 DALLAS COWBOYS this week and will save the Chargers for Week 6. I hate to “save” teams, but there is another viable option this week. I don’t say this often, but
Go Cowboys.

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