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Week 4 Pickups

Could there possibly be even *more* star players injured this year?  I’m sure many a fantasy football owner is looking at a roster that looks like a bad M*A*S*H rerun.  But no fear…your hot waiver wire pickups are here!

Smokin’ Hot!!!

Michael Pittman RB  Tampa Bay Bucs
Pittman returns from a three game suspension, and just in time.  Charlie Garner is likely done for the year, and Pittman looks to be the guy.  He has legs for arms and was a forceful ballcarrier during his days with the lowly Cardinals.  Alstott will still get some occasional carries, but Pittman will be the man for Gruden’s Bucs.  He’s a capable receiver as well.  My top waiver wire wire pickup of the week by far.  That is, if he’s available in your league at all.  If you’re in a smaller redraft league, chances are good that he is.

Aaron Stecker RB  New Orleans Saints
A repeat selection to the Smokin’ Hot list, Stecker established himself as the undisputed replacement ballcarrier for the ‘Aints during Deuce’s absence, with a solid 18 / 106, 4 catch and a TD game.  Granted many of those rushing yards came on a 42 yard touchdown gallop, but a solid game nonetheless.  The Saints will score their share this year, and Stecker will continue to have value over the next several weeks.  I know you already picked him up after I recommended him last week, but maybe you have a friend in another league who didn’t!

Artose Pinner RB  Detroit Lions
This guy has been a deep sleeper since last year and has gotten lots of buzz on the FantasySharks Main Forum in the past year.  With reports having Kevin Jones out from 2 – 4 weeks with an ankle, we’ll get to see if Pinner can live up to the hype.  Look for Bryson to be the third-down back and Pinner to be the main runner if he can hold the job.  He’s almost certainly available in your league, and he’s a decent #2 in a pinch.

Solid Pickups

Kerry Collins QB  New York Giants
The Raiders turned long-time starter Collins into one of the best backups in the league by signing him in the offseason.  Well, it looks like his backup days are over with Gannon breaking some vertebrae and looking to be out for 6+ weeks.  The Raiders have a questionable running game and some decent receivers, so grab Collins as a solid backup and bye-week starter.

Leonard Henry RB  Miami Dolphins
Wow, how bad is the Miami offense?  First Ricky bolts town, then Sammy Morris, Travis Minor and Lamar Gordon go down with injuries…what else can happen?  As bad as things are, a starting RB is almost always worth having on your fantasy team in all but the smallest of leagues, and it looks like Henry is the latest to have his crack at the job in Miami.  He didn’t look particularly good running the ball this past weekend, but it’s hard to look good when playing a game in a swimming pool, and you have to like the 21 carries he got.  With Gordon possibly out for the season, Henry is the only show in town for the time being.  Just don’t get onto an airplane, elevator, or bungee cord with him or any other Miami back!

Brandon Stokley WR  Indianapolis Colts
Stokley torched the Packers Sunday for 8 / 110 and 2 TD.  It’s amazing how productive the Colts secondary recievers have become after being nothing more than teases for the last several seasons.  Take into account that he’s still a #3 reciever, a role that almost never deserves a fantasy start.  But the Colts are an unusual case, and Stokley makes a nice plug-in for those games the Colts play against a secondary as pourous as that of the Packers.

Tatum Bell RB  Denver Broncos
Shhhhh!!!  If you’re crazy enough to get into the annual guessing contest as to whom Shanahan will send to the Pro-Bowl by making them the Broncos starting back, here’s a great gamble to take with a free roster spot.  Quentin Griffin looked bad this past week and Bell is close to returning from a thumb injury.  While they’re not playing it up, the Broncs drafted Bell highly this year and would love to see him win the job.  He has the size that Q does not, and his upside is as huge as Roseanne’s underpants!  If he’s available in your league and you can afford to hold him for a couple of weeks before he plays, there’s no player with more potential on your waiver wire, I promise you!

On the Radar

George Wrightster TE  Jacksonville Jaguars
Tight Ends aren’t the most desirable Fantasy Fooball commodity, but let’s mix things up here.  young Wrightster is getting lots of looks from Leftwich and is making the best of them.  If you’re a former Kleinsasser owner looking for a replacement TE, Wrightster is one on the rise.

Jonathan Quinn QB  Chicago Bears
Rex Grossman appears to be lost for the year, and it’s possible that Quinn will be starting the rest of the season.  He’s a career backup but knows the system well.  Do you really want the Bears QB?  Maybe, maybe not.  But with Gannon lost, McNair banged-up, and Culpepper, Harrington, and Vinny on bye next week, he’s a warm-body that can be plugged into your lineup, with the potential to be a servicable backup for your squad.



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