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Week 4 Waiver Wire Pickups

There are few constants in life.  But thankfully, there are a few in the football world.  Randy Moss *will* have a head of hair that makes him look like Don King in a funhouse mirror.  You *will* hear the Philly fans in the crowd.  And your hot waiver-wire pickups of the week *will* be right here!  So let’s go!

Smokin’ Hot!!!
Mewelde Moore RB  Minnesota Vikings

Who named this fella anyhow?  This guy has a first name that looks like a jumblegram!  Weed Mel?  Del Weem?  Weld Mee?  Ah, I give up!  But don’t be afraid of the hooked-on-phonics name…if MM is *still* on the waiver wire in your league, snatch him up quickly!  I’ve mentioned him the past several columns, and Moore finally got his shot at the starting job for the Vikes last week.  Tice seems to have *finally* tired of candy-bone Michael Bennett and Moore is more than capable of carrying the rock and putting up very solid fantasy numbers for the remainder of the season.  With Moore and a rediscovered Vikes running attack opening up the passing game for Culpepper, as well as rushing for 101 yards, it’s his job to lose for the duration.  Moore is a solid #2 Rb in a league of any size.  Go Weed Mel!!

Solid Pickups
Drew Bledsoe  QB  Dallas Cowboys
For those of you who long ago tucked in stage-diving Drew for a dirt-nap, think again!  Drew’s been hot of late, posting solid fantasy numbers as well as being a pretty good ‘real-life’ quarterback as well.  Drew led a furious comeback for the Boys against thet Niners, accruing 363 passing yards, 2 passing TDs, and a rare scramble into the end zone to boot.  He’s no every-week starter, but he’s not a bad injury or bye week fill-in for you Pennington, Warner, Frerotte, Roethlisberger, Dilfer, and Orton owners.  On the other hand, if any of these guys are your starters, you squad has bigger problems than I can help you with!  But with Oakland, the Giants, and Seattle coming soon on the schedule, you could certainly do worse.  Do the Drew!  Sounds like a Blazing Saddles Madeline Kahn doing a soda commercial, doesn’t it?  “I’m tiwred…”

Kevin Curtis  WR  St Louis Rams
This KC don’t have no Sunshine Band, but he’s been posting some nice numbers in Ramville.  Yeah, he’s only the #3 receiver on the team behind Ike Bruce and Tory Holt, but Brandon Stokely and Az-Hakim have taught us that there’s some fantasy gold to be found there from time to time.  Curtis is blazing quick and the Rams sling the pigskin with the best of ’em.  And with Bruce suffering from a severe case of turf toe, Curtis may seem even more extended action.  He’ll likely never be an every-week starter, but he’s a nice situational matchup.  The Giants, Seattle and Indy are next on the schedule and all can be thrown on.

Marcel Shipp  RB  Arizona Cardinals
A frequent mention of this column, Shipp sailed in as the starter this past week and was the Cards leading rusher with 41 yards on 10 carries.  Not great numbers, but the thing to remember here is that Shipp is doing nothing to lose the starting job, as JJ Arrington once again stunk up the joint with his 5 carries for 9 yards.  Arizona is a mess, but Shipp could actually be a startable player for some teams this week against a 49ers defense that teams have been shredding like a snowboarder.  You may laugh, but I may laugh last…Shipp it!

Joey Galloway WR  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Michael Clayton is the #1 WR in Tampa, right?  Well, maybe not.  So far, that title has been claimed by retread Joey Galloway.  With a near-100 yard performance in Week 1 along with a 2 TD performance last week, Galloway has certainly proven to be roster-worthy.  Galloway had 5 TDs in the final 5 games last season and clearly has developed some nice chemistry with Brian Griese.  The Bucs are a run-first offense, but look for Joey to have an occasional hot week…figure out which ones and profit!

Travis Taylor WR  Minnesota Vikings
TT makes a repeat appearance in the column, and with good reason.  Taylor took advantage of the absence of Nate Burleson and made 2 big TD grabs for the reborn Vikes offense.  Taylor has always had the talent, but couldn’t put things together in the putrid Ravens passing offense.  Are we seeing his breakout season at last?  It’s hard to say, but if you have a roster spot to spare, he’s a nice gamble to take.

On the Radar

Greg Lewis  WR  Philadelphia Eagles
He doesn’t hit as hard as Lenox, nor does he make Alex Karras as misty as Emmanuel, but this Lewis has been a pretty steady receiver the past few weeks.  The #2 WR in Philly hasn’t been a boon for fantasy teams for quite some time, but Lewis seems to grab 5 or 6 balls a week for 50+ yards pretty consistently.  Not spectacular, but steady production at the notoriously fickle WR position is a nice thing to have.

Josh McCown  QB  Arizona Cardinals
If you’re in a 16-team league, where starting QBs can be rarer than hen’s teeth, keep in mind that McCown could be the starter this coming week as Kurt Warner has a leg injury that may bench him.  Also keep in mind that the 49ers defense is as pourous as a New Orleans dyke.  And, perhaps most importantly, keep in mind that Josh McCown sucks.  Hey, I’m here to inform!

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