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Week 5 in Survivor Pools

Those that have picking along with me are still alive in their Survivor Pools as the Dallas Cowboys took care of the St. Louis Rams to allow me to advance and

improving my record to 4-0.

How Did I Do in Week 4?



Cowboys over Rams =



Chargers over Chiefs =



Colts over Broncos =




@ Browns – Browns romped the Ravens in Cleveland. Once again, beware of the divisional road teams.

On to Week 5…

* * * * *

New England Patriots vs. Cleveland Browns – Tom Brady + Randy Moss = Unstoppable. Take the Patriots and sleep well until next Monday. Seriously, that’s all.

* * * * Tennessee Titans

vs. Atlanta Falcons – Chances that the Falcons win two straight games? Not very high. Chances that the Falcons D will hold down Vince Young? Same answer. This one gets four stars since the Titans are coming off a bye and I want to see more of them than just three games before I begin to trust them completely. If you don’t have the Pats, go with the Titans. There really is no other viable option.



vs. Bucs – There’s just something about this game that makes me want to stay away. The Bucs don’t have the offensive firepower to stay with Indy, but the Colts could be without several key players. If the entire offense plays, then feel free to go with Indy, but if they sit out, don’t take the chance. They will be locks in other weeks.

A Risky Pick:

If you are feeling lucky, go with the

Saints over the Panthers. If you want to save the Pats, and don’t want to go with the VY-led Titans, give the Saints a shot. They are

not a lock this week, but if you want to live on the edge, go with New Orleans. They had to get something fixed during the bye.


I am going with the

New England

Patriots. After last week, why take any chances?

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