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Week 5 – Observation Deck

Four weeks of pain and frustration came to an end for Brett Favre and the Packers on Sunday at Lambeau. Then again, it’s not like they beat the Patriots or something. They thoroughly destroyed the Saints, and Brett Favre finally got off the schnide. Big deal. Can you imagine what the Haslett speech was at halftime? Let’s try and figure it out. You’re down 35-3 to a team who has given up 23 points a game, and is scoring 18 per game. Your quarterback gift wraps a TD for the opposing team and you had seven drives and all you could muster was a field goal. I am surprised he didn’t pull a Henry Winkler from Waterboy and just break down in tears. The most underachieving team in the last five years laid a monster egg. To top it off your quarterback goes on record by saying he wasn’t surprised by the outcome. Wow.


Birds of No Feathers


Someone please explain to me how the Lions and Lindsay Lohan (I mean Joey Harrington) hang 35 points on the Ravens. Actually, I can explain it for myself. The Ravens committed 21 penalties for 147 yards, including two unsportsmanlike conduct calls, four defensive holding calls and two ejections, not to mention that 8 of those penalties resulted in first downs. Tattoo parlors see less self-destructive behavior than this. That is the most points allowed by this once proud defense since 11/23/03 versus Seattle, where they surrendered 41. In fact, in the past three years they have allowed more than thirty points five times, and have lost four of those times. Heck, the only team they have beaten was a Jets team that probably considered calling in Joe Namath to take snaps, except for the fact their wasn’t enough gin in New York to pull that off.


Deion Update


I bet everyone has just been on the edge of their seat for my Deion Update from last year. You know why there has been no Deion update? Because he isn’t playing anymore. No, he is still a part of the Ravens, and he is still their nickel corner. However he has made a total of eight tackles all season. Now you might say he is the nickel back, so he is not on the field that much. Normally true, but this offense couldn’t score consistently even if the other team never showed. Maybe they should put Chris Redman in. Yeah that’s the answer. No, it’s not. What? He’s in Tennessee? Billick, you’re screwed.


Take these Broken Wings


Speaking of screwed, Andy Reid can join that club if McNabb continues to have first halves like he has had this season. He is one tough guy, but he must be really hurt to play like he did on Sunday. He never got anything going against a very suspect Cowboys secondary. Reid has got to bite the bullet and run more, and more effectively. This is the same problem they had last year. McNabb is not going to be able to carry the team to the Super Bowl with a sports hernia, shin injury, and whatever else hurts on the man. He reminds me of Steve McNair a few years ago in an interview. The interviewer asked McNair where it hurts and he said “yes.”


Just Plain Lousy Game of the Week: NO vs. GB – This has nothing to do with the fantasy perspective, only the fact that it really was never a game. Ok maybe it was when the Saints took the first drive and kicked a field goal. After that, I think they left the building. I just don’t think the Packers really needed to run it up that way, do you?


Quick Hits:


Despite the, um, excellent quarterback play in Detroit, the Lions are in first place in the NFC North. How bad is that division?!


Please tell me I can get Michael Koenen as a kicker. 58 yard field goal, awesome. Too bad it was a 29 yarder that ended the Falcons day on a sour note. I don’t know how the Patriots keep doing it but they do. That was one helluva game Matt Schaub played in relief of Michael Vick. There were rumors of teams being after Schaub, but is it possible that the Falcons would trade Vick instead? Yeah, Arthur Blank would never allow it.


If Joe Jurevicius is still available and you need a 3WR, he will be a good fill in while D-Jack is injured. His day may have saved my butt this week since I had Jackson.

I think Tampa Bay is a much lesser team without Cadillac running at full speed. Griese has proven before that he cannot go out and win games; Sunday was no different.


One of the commentators during the Colts-49ers game said that the 49ers were losing tough. What the hell does that mean? Does it mean if they weren’t tough, they would be the Saints?


I have to give it to the umpires of the league, two of them got clocked this week and they continued calling the games. Some of these guys are tougher than the players.


On to next week…

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