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Week 5: Team Evaluation Time

Welcome to Week 5 of the Brew Crew Corner. We are through four weeks of games and by now you should have a good understanding of how your team is performing. This is the week you need to evaluate your team. Look over your roster and make the adjustments if you haven’t already made the changes. Last week I noticed that of my teams was 1-2 and I saw that the ship was sinking. I then made five waiver moves. I dropped both of my quarterbacks, I got rid of my sleeper running back that will not be and I upgraded my tight end position. With my new changes I won my next game and I am now tied for first place. In fantasy football unless your team has studs at every position, you need to be active in managing your team. Those owners who are aggressive are the ones that make the playoffs.

This is the time to be proactive with trades. If you are like me, you prefer to look at the players with great matchups during the fantasy playoffs. Target these players now as most owners are not looking that far ahead. For waiver pickups, look for players that will help your team in the areas you need it most. As the bye weeks pass, shed your bench of back up tight ends, kickers and in some cases defenses. Look to add the guys that have the most upside for the second half of the season.

This week we saw two trades happen. Let us look at how these trades impact the fantasy landscape.

Marshawn Lynch to the Seattle Seahawks

Lynch has been on the outside looking in since Fred Jackson took over last season. With off the field issues and injuries, Lynch had not meet expectations. Lynch going to Seattle should have been a move made before the season. Lynch will have a slow start as he learns the offense and settles into his new role. The Seahawks released Julius Jones for the second time this season. Justin Forsett and Leon Washington will carry the load until Lynch is up to speed. My view on this situation is that Lynch is moving from one committee situation to another. He may have an opportunity to become the featured back but it won’t happen right away. Owners will hope that Lynch’s situation will be similar to the fresh start Cedric Benson had. For Buffalo, they can now move forward with C.J. Spiller in the offense with Fred Jackson backing him up.

Randy Moss to the Minnisota Vikings

This was a shocker just from the position of the timing of the trade. Moss will return to the team he started his career with. It was obvious that the relationship between Moss and the New England Patriots was not going to work out but to trade him this early was a surprise. Moss will take over as the No. 1 receiver for the Vikings which will allow Percy Harvin to play his old role as the No. 2. The player that is the odd man out will likely be Bernard Berrian. As for the Patriots, they will now move Brandon Tate in as the deep threat guy and Wes Welker will be used heavily. This will hurt Tom Brady some down in the red zone area where Moss was a big target for him. This move is interesting as Moss will now get to play the New York Jets with a quick rematch against Darrelle Revis, then renew his rivalry against the Green Bay Packers before playing at Foxboro. Moss’ value depends on how well he can develop a rapport with Brett Favre. Another move that could be made is Deion Branch returning the New England. I don’t see how Branch would factor in other than as a third receiver, especially given Branch’s injury history.

The Golden Mug Award

Awarded to the fantasy player who came through for their team.

Terrell Owens  – 10 receptions for 222 yards, 1 TD. After a slow start to the season where he averaged just 51 yards receiving through three games, he puts up 222 yards in Week 4.

Arian Foster – 16 carries for 131 yards, 1 TD; 3 receptions, 56 yards, 1 TD. Foster was benched for the start of the game at Oakland, but made up for his mistake by putting up 187 total yards and two scores. He is currently the top running back in fantasy leagues.

Reggie Wayne – 15 receptions, 196 yards. Wayne has quietly been putting up great numbers all season. He is averaging eight receptions and 114 yards per game.

Antonia Gates – 7 receptions, 144 yards, 2 TD. Gates is currently the No. 1 tight end in fantasy leagues and the No. 6 fantasy player overall with 96 fantasy points. With Vincent Jackson not expected to play this season, Gates will be the top receiver for the Chargers.

LaDainian Tomlinson – 19 carries, 133 yards, 2 TD; 3 receptions, 22 yards. We saw a throwback performance from Tomlinson from the good old days when he was in his prime. He is currently the No. 11 running back in fantasy leagues averaging 19.8 fantasy points.

The Urinal Cake Award

Awarded to the fantasy player who you would like to, well you know.

Mike Sims-Walker – 0 receptions, 0 yards, 1 target. Just as he had in Week 1, Sims-Walker is averaging a mere 34 yards per game. Is Tiquan Underwood the new sleeper in Jacksonville?

Randy Moss – 0 receptions, 0 yards, 1 target. It is rare to see a score of 41 points on the board and have your No. 1 receiver not be a part of any of the production. Moss was targeted once on a fake ball spike and couldn’t hold onto the ball which would have resulted in a touchdown. You have to also be concerned with the 34.8 receiving yards per game he is averaging.
*Update* Now that that a trade has been made, this will change Moss’ production and matchups.

Santana Moss – 0 receptions, 0 yards, 1 target. It just wasn’t a good week if your name was Moss and there is a theme developing here with three receivers posting the same poor performance. Moss has been known to be inconsistent even with an upgrade at the quarterback position.

Jay Cutler – 8/11, 42 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT. Give credit to the New York Giants’ defense who sacked Cutler nine times in the first half. Cutler didn’t return in the second half do to a concussion. In my opinion, I believe he got benched.

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