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Week 5 Waiver Wire Pickups

Young grasshopper, wise man once say…best waiver wire picks are not only those new to the village, but also those who are old friends long forgotten.  Come in and receive further enlightenment, my student.  Hi-Ya!!!

Smokin’ Hot!!!
Marcel Shipp  RB  Arizona Cardinals
Hey, who’s listening here?  While researching for the article, I was shocked at how many leagues there are where Shipp is still available on the waiver wire!  Zona isn’t going to astonish anyone with their running game, but Shipp is weekly establishing himself as the only game in town and continues to put up servicable fantasy numbers, especially in point-per-catch leagues.  Against the Niners this past week, Shipp had 94 running / receiving yards and 5 catches, and JJ Arrington stunk up the joint again.  And he’s available in 96% of leagues?  Brotha, please!

Donte’ Stallworth  WR  New Orleans Saints
Here’s another guy who I thought would be more widely owned.  But he’s available in close to 1/3 of leagues!  with Joe Horn out for the week and possibly longer with a bad hammy, Stallworth stepped up big and torched a decent Bills defense for 9 grabs for a buck-29!  And with Green Bay and St Louis on the schedule in the next three weeks, things aren’t looking any worse my friends!  If by some act of God this guy is *still* on your waiver wire, snatch him up!  He’ll be an almost sure starter for you for most October weekends.

Joey Galloway  WR  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Another solid performance from Galloway against the Vikings this week makes Galloway a must-have…but shockingly he’s available in 60% of leagues!  Five catches for 97 yards follow up a 166 yard day and a 2 TD day.  This retread is officially rolling down the highway again!  Nuff said.  He may be long-gone in your league, but if not, make it so!!!

Solid Pickups
Shaun McDonald  WR  St Louis Rams
Hey, when your team chucks up 62 passes a game, there’s enough to go around for everyone!  With Ike Bruce out of action, young McDonald put up a huge fantasy day with 9 catches for 121 yards.  He’s almost certainly available in your league, and if Bulger’s arm doesn’t fall off from overuse, McDonald looks to be a decent play for as long as Bruce is out and as a spot play thereafter. 

Amani Toomer  WR  New York Giants
Toomer’s off to a slow start and has been dropped in many leagues.  If this is the case in yours, this is a classic opportunity to get a solid player who’s highly undervalued.  Eli and the Giants are hitting their stride in the passing game and Toomer will eventually benefit much as Plaxico Burress did this past week.  Toomer did snatch a TD pass and there’s more where that came from.

Mark Brunell  QB  Washington Redskins
Brunell’s gone from complete retread to the starting QB for a 3-0 team almost overnight.  Gibbs has and will operate a run-first offense, but against the Broncos Brunell makes a servicable fill in this week for hard-up Culpepper, Trent Green, Eli Manning, and Kerry Collins owners…they’re all on bye.  He’s available in most leagues outside of the DC beltway and he might suprise you this week

On the Radar

Greg Lewis  WR  Philadelphia Eagles
A repeat member of the list from last week, Lewis had 3 catches for 50 yards against the Chiefs this past weekend.  Not flashy, but seems to have cemented his role as the #2 receiver in Philly.

Patrick Pass  RB  New England Patriots
With Kevin Faulk likely out of action for several weeks, Pass becomes the Pats third-down back and Dillon’s main backup.  In a large point-per-catch league, he may be worth a roster spot.  And of course, he’s a decent handcuff for Dillon.  Amos Zeroue was recently signed for depth, but look for Pass to be the one answering the bell should Dillon fall.

Chris Henry  WR  Cincinnati Bengals
Rookie Henry is a physical freak…no he’s not a hunchback and doesn’t have seven fingers on each hand…he’s just good!  Marvin Lewis has kept his percieved character issues in check and he’s becoming a bigger and  bigger part of the hot Bengals offense every week.  He’s not yet worthy of a roster spot in smaller leagues, but keep an eye on him in larger and dynasty leagues…he’s going to be a very dangerous man!

Ricky Williams  RB  Miami Dolphins
Don’t forget, Ricky Williams will be back in action in Week 6.  If this tokin’ tailback returns to his form of old, he can cause some damage.  If you think he will and have the roster spot to burn, avoid the rush and grab him this week!

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