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Week 6: Feel the Trade Winds

We are almost at the halfway point of the fantasy regular season. You will begin to see a spike in trading in the next few weeks as owners deal with injuries, bye weeks and trying to end losing streaks. If you are 1-5 or have lost a star player such as
Julio Jones

, chances are you are getting a ton of trade offers or you are trying to shop the best player you have to fill the void on your team. There are basically four types of traders in fantasy football. These traders fall into the category of Broker, Dreamer, Overreacter and Hoarder.

The Broker is the type of owner that hits up everyone in their league with trade offers. They are the most active person in the league in terms of transactions whether it is through trades or waivers.

The Dreamer is the type of owner that wants your best player but doesn’t want to give up anything in return. These are the type of owners that drive me crazy because they will ask for
Peyton Manning

Adrian Peterson

but want to offer
Alex Smith

Danny Woodhead

in return. These are the type of owners that will give you four crappy players for two of your best players and wonder why you rejected the trade.

The Overreacter is the type of owner that panics at the sign of injury or poor performance. They usually make bad trades and often move players early because of a slow start. These are the owners that will trade a good player for an
Eddie Royal

Jerome Simpson

because they had a good game. They often are left with the choice of trading their best player or starting duds.

The last type are the Hoarders. They’ve drafted a team and may make moves on waivers but no matter how their team performs they refuse to make any trades. These owners won’t entertain any offers and no matter how good the trade might be they feel that their players are better. They sometimes are similar to the Dreamer in that they overvalue all their players and won’t make a trade because they feel that player is going to break out.

Now there are owners that may not fall into any of these categories as some are just not active in trading. But the type of owners that I despise the most are the Brokers or the Dreamers as they take advantage of other owners in their league. A good example is a situation I heard on the radio the other day. When news broke that
Julio Jones

was looking at missing the season, an owner in one league started shopping Jones to every owner in the league. The initial report on Jones came out during the work day so some of the owners may or may not have heard the news. The
Julio Jones

owner found someone in his league that was unaware of the news and traded him
Brandon Marshall
straight up.

Now the commissioner of the league allowed the trade because it is the fault of the Marshall owner for not reviewing the trade better before accepting it. However, I think it is awful that owners like the one that owned
Julio Jones

traded him knowing very well that Jones was injured. Now it is confirmed that Jones is out for the season and the the Marshall owner is without a stud wide receiver.  I’m sure there are plenty of leagues out there that have owners like this. They usually seek out owners with poor records or that are plagued with injuries and offer them completely lopsided trades. Some people just feel they need to do anything they can to win a league, even if it means ripping off other owners in the league.

The Golden Mug Award
Awarded to the fantasy players who came through for their team.

Tony Romo

– 506 passing yards, 5 touchdowns and 1 interception.
Tony Romo

is 0-5 when he passes for 400 yards or more. If you are a Romo owner however, you probably won those games. Just shows how reality and fantasy games differ. Romo is now averaging 22.8 fantasy points per game and only faces one team the rest of the season that has a pass defense ranked in the top-20 (Saints in week 10).

Alshon Jeffery

– 10 receptions for 218 yards and 1 touchdown. Jeffery has come into his own the past three weeks and looks to be a rising star this season. Jeffery now has three great matchups coming up with the Giants, Redskins and Packers.

Julius Thomas

– 9 receptions for 122 yards and 2 touchdowns. Thomas gets back in the end zone after failing to score last week but now has scored in 4-of-5 games and will face the Jaguars this week. Even though the Broncos have a ton of target options, you have to roll with Thomas every week.

The Urinal Cake Award
Awarded to the fantasy players who you would like to, well you know.

Matt Schaub

– 19-for-35 for 173 passing yards and 3 interceptions. Schaub threw another pick-6 and almost played himself out of a starting job. So you’re left with the decision of do you drop Schaub or not. In smaller leagues it isn’t an issue as you can pick up a
Ryan Tannehill

Brandon Weeden

but in deeper leagues your options are limited to Blaine Gabbert or worse,
Thaddeus Lewis
. C
hances are you might be competing with the
Michael Vick

owner to pick up
Nick Foles


Tom Brady

– 18-for-38 for 197 passing yards and 1 interception. Brady was probably overdrafted by owners that didn’t think the loss of all those offensive weapons would have an affect on his numbers. Brady will get
Danny Amendola

back and hopefully,
Rob Gronkowski


Darren Sproles

– 3 carries for 10 yards, 3 receptions for 31 yards. After posting a huge Week 4, Sproles took a back seat to Pierre Thomas
. In this Saints offense, outside of Jimmy Graham
, you never know who will have a big game but you have to keep plugging Sproles into your lineup.

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