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Week 6 in Survivor Pools

Still alive entering Week 6 which

brings me to 5-0 thus far as I took the Pats in Week 5.

How Did I Do in Week 5?

*5 STARS = PATRIOTS over Browns =


4 STARS = TITANS over Falcons =


* = My Week 5 Pick

Most of you should have had the Pats and Titans available for Week 5.

TEAM TO AVOID: Colts. They proved they could win without their starting RB and #1 WR. At least if you didn’t use them, you still have them down the stretch.

A RISKY PICK: Saints. They lost a heartbreaker at home to Carolina. Had the lead late in the 4th and could not find a way to hold on. When you’re losing, you just continue to find a way to lose.

On to Week 6…

* * * * * CHARGERS over Raiders: The Chargers are back… hopefully. There is really nothing else you want to put your money on this week. After a convincing win on the road last week, you have to figure San Diego will come home and get a win for the fans against a hated divisional team. The Chargers are again a double-digit favorite at home against an AFC West team. What are the chances they lose this again?

* * * * BEARS over Vikings: The Bears come home this week against a one-dimensional Vikings team on both sides of the ball. Minny can run and stop the run, but that’s about it. Chicago is coming off a big Sunday Night win and cannot lose this game or last week will be meaningless. They need this game to keep pace with the Packers in the NFC North. Expect the Bears to win this week with defense.

* *  RAVENS over Rams: Keeping the theme and the overall general rule with survivor pools, I am taking the home team, the Ravens, as my 2-star pick. I do not have much confidence in the ten-point home favorites because their offense is not overpowering and their defense has been inconsistent. The Rams are also 0-5 and have to win sometime. If you have no one else to go with this week, take the Ravens, but cross your fingers.


SEAHAWKS hosting the Saints. Much like the Rams, the Saints have to win sometime. However, the Saints have more talent than the Rams. I’ve got a feeling the Saints step up and play a good game against Seattle on the road in a primetime game. The Saints have embarrassed themselves twice on national televised games this year. This is the week they get

some respect back.

MY PICK: If you’re near Qualcomm Stadium Sunday and you hear Mar-ty chants, you’ll be out of your survivor pool. However, I don’t think we hear that name this weekend as the Chargers take care of the Raiders and pull even to 3-3 on the year. Put on your helmet with the visor and cheer Tomlinson & the



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