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Week 6 – Observation Deck




The Texans were supposed to be the heir apparent to the Houston Oilers, which departed for Tennessee in 1999. Well, they succinctly met all the low expectations, and then some. Dom Capers was picked for his ability to put together a competitive team from scratch, just like he did in Carolina in 1995. However, it seems that a four-year tenure is as long as his program lasts, evident in both the Panthers and the Texans. Up until this point, the Texans had shown gradual improvement in their record, but none in their actual playing ability. Spawned by horrible drafting and despicable player development, David Carr has led the league in times sacked and I’m surprised he even knows his name after the poundings he has taken. Many say that Carr doesn’t have what it takes to be an NFL quarterback, but I disagree. He has had a piecemeal offensive line and no remotely decent defense has had his back during his tenure. Happy trails, Dom.


Picking his way through the defense


Jake Delhomme has to remember what team he is on if he ever wants to play in another Super Bowl. He spotted the Lions two touchdowns in an attempt to give away the game. I know this is not a popular fantasy opinion, but he needs to also find someone other than Steve Smith and defensive backs to throw to. Completions come much easier to the opponent. I mean, between Colbert, Proehl and Gardner he has a great complement, and don’t forget about Stephen Davis and DeShaun Foster running the ball. I think the problem is that their Super Bowl-caliber defense is anything but this year, considering Julius Peppers just registered his first sack in five games. The defense ranks 17th overall, mediocre at best. They have got to get back to what got them to the big game: solid running and solid defense. Despite all this, if the season ended today they would be a wildcard team. There are ten games to go, and you can’t play the Lions every week.


The Tin Man


Speaking of giving the game away, Tommy Maddox better find some stickum and find it fast. Otherwise, he is going to find himself stuck to a bus on the way out of town, and I don’t mean Jerome Bettis. The Jags handed the game to the Steelers on a silver platter after a great runback by Quincy Morgan, and all they had to do was get about six yards to get into comfortable field goal range. You would think that if you were going to run and you wanted to make sure that you didn’t fumble, you would want someone with sure hands carrying the ball. You have a thirteen year vet, who fumbled only once every eighty-three times he carried it for over 3400 carries, and has roughly thirteen thousand rushing yards. But that’s not what they did. They handed it off to a guy in his second year with 127 career carries, and he fumbled. Then the journeyman quarterback fumbled. Jacksonville punted, and Maddox gift wrapped a TD and game over. They had three opportunities to win, and left all three on the table. The Steelers are not the same team without their weapons on offense. Get well soon, Ben and Hines.



In Tedy We Trust


On the subject of not being the same, I am not sure how I feel about Tedy Bruschi deciding to come back to the Patriots. They are not the same team this year, and if his return changes their fate then cast his bust in Canton. Now, I haven’t played organized football in a long time, but I can’t understand having a stroke and putting pads back on eight months later. If it were me, I would feel lucky to be alive and maybe wait a bit longer to make a decision. Everyone says this is his decision, but I think if the Patriots were 5-1 right now, he would still be on the sidelines cheering on his teammates. I hope the decision making is as advertised, and has to do with love of the game instead of trying to salvage what could be a bad season.


Ricky Update : 8 yards on five carries. WB sitcoms run longer then he did on Sunday. Yeah, he has the desire to play football again. 8.6 million dollars is the only thing driving him right now.


Just Plain Lousy Game of the Week : CLE vs. BAL – Baltimore finally showed their defense and the prototypical scheme that won them a championship in 2000. Too bad it was against Cleveland. Deion had one whole tackle however, good job.


Quick Hits:


Kelly Holcomb isn’t the answer in Buffalo, but at least there aren’t as many questions now. With that defense, they’ll be a great deal better.


Note to Dick Vermeil: Please please please get the ball to Tony G. You are absolutely killing me this year. Don’t give me the crap about Roaf being injured. If you throw to him more, your running game will open up.


Someone needs to send me some Mapquest directions to Lake Minnetonka and a Vikings jersey. Embarrassment or not, I would have loved to have been there.


The mandatory random drug testing must have missed Mark Brunell the last few weeks. Just what the hell is he on anyway? Is Viagra a banned substance?  55 of 94 for 653 with 5 TDs and no picks. Too bad they lost both of those games.


The 49ers celebrated their non-losing week. Don’t tell them they had a bye, because they were happy they didn’t actually have to show up for a game. Consequently, their fans were elated as well.


Can we finally drop the crap about Oakland being the best team with only one win? After five games if you have only one win, you suck. Deal with it, Raiders fans. By the way, you may want to change the Energizers in Al Davis. I thought I was watching another Weekend at Bernie’s movie.


My thoughts and prayers go out to Mike Martz and his family. He may have no clue what it takes to be a head coach, but he must have been miserable putting in those long hours with a very serious heart infection. Best wishes.  


On to next week…

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