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Week 6: The Ups and Downs of 2009

Welcome to Week 6 of the
Brew Crew Corner. There are four teams that are win-less and five that are
undefeated, which is the most teams undefeated entering Week 6 in NFL history.
If you’re like me, it’s been an up-and-down fantasy season so far. Winning
games you should lose, losing games you have no business winning and not having
your players play consistent. Now injuries and bye weeks are a part of the
game, but I’ve never seen so many games where players go statless one week and
then light it up the next. Beware of the one-week wonders – this season is full
of them. Players like Justin Forsett, Joey Galloway, Michael Clayton and Robert
Royal all had one good week but haven’t contribute in any other. I rather hold
on to a proven player that hasn’t got going yet like a Terrell Owens than pick
up the flavor of the week and start them in games they will not produce. Week 5
was a good week to be a WR as six QBs passed for over 300 yards while only
three RBs passed the 100-yard mark.


Teams off on the bye
week: Cowboys, Colts, Dolphins, 49ers 



Falcons at

San Francisco 49ers

The Falcons erupted for
an offensive explosion. Michael Turner jumps back into elite RB status and
Roddy White puts up monster WR1 stats. White nearly doubled his receiving yard
total of the first three games of the season while doubling his TDs. Matt Ryan
threw for the most yards in his career and White owners are hoping he keeps
throwing in his direction. Tony Gonzalez had six catches for 55 yards. Not a great
game, but it is good to see that he had 10 targets in the game.

The 49ers where playing
so well this season so it was a surprise to see them get ran over by Turner and
torched by White. Glen Coffee got a TD but he’s not putting up the numbers
Frank Gore has put up. Even though Shaun Hill has five TDs in five games, he’s
been a poor QB and his WRs have not had any significant receiving games. Maybe
they are saving their firepower for when Gore and Michael Crabtree return, but
don’t get too excited.


Bengals at

Baltimore Ravens

Who are these Bengals?
More surprising then the Broncos, a team that beat them on a last-second fluke
play, the Bengals took down the Ravens and now have beaten everyone in their
division and should be consider a contender. They will face the Texans and
Bears at home. Could this team be 6-1 heading into the bye? Chad Ochocinco is
getting his passes but Andre Caldwell is stealing the TDs. Laveranues Coles had
one target all game. He is now averaging two catches a game. If you’re hanging
on to him, drop him or find someone you can dump him off to. I am officially convinced
that Cedric Benson is among the top RBs this season. He went for 120 rushing
yards on the Ravens defense and is the first RB to score on the ground against
them this season. Not to mention Benson is one of four RBs this season who has
more than one 100+ yard rushing games. Great win though for defensive
coordinator Mike Zimmer, who lost his wife that week.

The Ravens were outplayed
by the Bengals and they went away from their game plan as both Willis McGahee
and Derek Mason were non-factors. Ray Rice took just about every carry and Joe
Flacco looked to Mark Clayton for most of the game who caught just three


Browns at

Buffalo Bills

Stinker of the week. This
game was horrible and I’m glad I wasn’t one of the 73,931 people in attendance
that had to sit through four quarters of that. Not a happy stat among them
except for Jamal Lewis, who rushed for 117 yards. Derek Anderson completed just
two passes for 23 yards. Really? That’s just sad.

The Bills have their own
problems as they generated just three points. Trent Edwards isn’t getting the
job done and this team is in serious trouble. Terrell Owens trade to the Browns
for Brady Quinn? Stranger things have happened.


Cowboys at

Kansas City Chiefs



Dallas? Another game where the throwback had
the old Dallas Texans playing the now Dallas Cowboys.

The Chiefs had the
Cowboys where they wanted them and let the game get away. Matt Cassel played
well by driving the team down and tying the game to send it into overtime, but
the defense showed its vulnerability by allowing Miles Austin to burn them on
two big plays they could stopped.

The Cowboys escaped a
game where they should have won easily. Tony Romo was having an average day,
but two big plays from Austin, one 59-yarder and then the 60-yarder to win
the game in overtime, got him over 350 yards. Tashard Choice had a better
running game than Marion Barber. Enjoy it while Felix Jones is still out.


Texans at

Arizona Cardinals

The Texans could have
tied the game as they were on the goalline, but couldn’t punch it in. You have
Andre Johnson, Steve Slaton and Owen Daniels but your last three plays are
Chris Brown for no gain, Joel Dreessen incomplete and then Brown again for no
gain. When the game is on the line, you need to go to your playmakers. Speaking
of playmakers, Johnson is one. Did you see him pound it in after catching the
ball at the 5-yard line? It was a great day for Johnson, who had 101 yards and
two TDs. Solid day from Schaub, who posted his best game of the season with
371. Slaton was ineffective again.

The Cardinals jumped out
to a big lead but almost let the Texans come back on them. Larry Fitzgerald had
two scores and Kurt Warner posted back-to-back 300-yard games. The running game
wasn’t much, which is how the Cardinals play. This won’t be a big year for
Chris Wells.


Colts at

Tennessee Titans

Peyton Manning is having
a great season. He posted his fifth 300+ passing game, the same amount of 300-yard
games he had all of last season when he threw for 4,002 yards. At this rate he
is on pace for 5264 yards, which will break the single-season record.

Now that is probably a
little high, but if anyone can break Dan Marino’s record, Manning is one of
them. He’s starting to trust the new guys as Austin Collie had 97 yards and 2
TDs. Reggie Wayne remains steady. The running game was limited, but Joseph
Addai got just enough stats and a TD to save his fantasy day. Donald Brown was
given just six rushes and caught two passes. It will take an Addai injury for
him to be used weekly in your lineup.

This is not the same
Titans team from last season. The defense isn’t playing well and the offense is
not stepping up. Chris Johnson hasn’t been dominant other than his Week 2
explosion. The passing game is exposed. Last season the Titans got by because
they were able to run the ball effectively and make plays on defense. This
season they are forced to play catch up and win games through the air, and they
are not equipped to do so. It would be best to get Vince Young in the game to
at least change things up or to showcase him for a trade next season.


Jaguars at

Seattle Seahawks

In Week 4,

Jacksonville blew out


Seattle got blasted by

Indianapolis. This week a different story as
Matt Hasselbeck returned to the lineup to torch the Jaguars. The Seahawks
defense, who have given up 27.3 points per game the past three games, shutout
the Jags offense. Hasselbeck threw four TDs with T.J. Houshmandzadeh scoring
his first TD as a Seahawk. Don’t be fooled by the 16 carries and 46 yards
Edgerrin James had as it was mostly when the game was out of reach.

The Jaguars just couldn’t
get it going. The team suspended Mike Sims-Walker for a game for violating a
team rule and Maurice Jones-Drew had no running room. Torry Holt was the lead
receiver, but with Sims-Walker returning Holt will not be targeted as much.


Vikings at

St. Louis Rams

This game was over early.
Easy win for the Vikings. Two TDs for Adrian Peterson and the defense did the
rest. Donnie Avery finally has a good game but it will take a few more games
before you can trust him.

New England Patriots


My eyes are still trying
to adjust from those ugly uniforms the Broncos wore. How awful was that?

Denver played solid
defense, and with a Brandon Marshall TD to send the game into overtime where
they won it on a FG. Kyle Orton makes for a borderline fantasy starter as he is
getting into a rhythm with

Knowshon Moreno ran well, and even with Correll Buckhalter returning he should
get the majority of the touches going forward.

The Broncos seem to have
Tom Brady’s number as he’s only beaten the Broncos once in his career. Josh
McDaniels knew how to attack the Patriots and he executed it well. Through five
weeks Brady has the same amount of yardage as he did in 2007 through the same
amount of games, but he has thrown 10 fewer TDs. Randy Moss was taken out of
the game plan as he was held to just one catch. Wes Welker saw 15 targets for
eight catches to lead the Patriot receivers. With Fred Taylor out, Sammy Morris
resumed his role on the offense and will be a good flex play most weeks. The
team signed Junior Seau to help improve the depleted LB corp.


Raiders at

New York Giants

Like a lopsided college
game, the Giants took care of the Raiders in every phase of the game. Had
Sinorice Moss not fumbled on a return, the Giants might have shut them out.

JaMarcus Russell is never
going to be a quality QB in the NFL. The sooner the Raiders accept this, the
sooner they can move on.

This team just has too
many needs in too many areas and have yet to address those needs. Antonio
Pierce said that the Raiders played without any sense of urgency. If they have
given up on the season, then the value of anyone on this team fantasy-wise will
be nothing. If you can move anyone, do so now.

The Giants executed in
every area and it was good to see Eli Manning make a start and play well with
the heel injury. With the Giants out in front early, the team was able to give
Manning some rest. Ahmad Bradshaw had the most production as he ran for 110 yards,
2 TDs and had a catch for 55 yards. Bradshaw carried 11 times so he averaged 10
yards per carry. Brandon Jacobs had an OK day, but sat out some of the game.
Hakeem Nicks continues to make strides in the offense. Next week’s game against
the Saints should prove to be a good battle. Jeremy Shockey is already running
his mouth.


Steelers at

Detroit Lions

The Lions are now putting
up a good fight each week even though they come up short. Big news was Calvin
Johnson leaving the game with a knee injury. Daunte Culpepper had a decent
start and Dennis Northcutt joins the one-week wonder club.

Hines Ward has 124 more yards
then he did this time last year but he has three fewer TDs. Last season he
finished with 82 receptions and he is now on pace to break 100 receptions for
this year. Santonio Holmes has not been reaping the benefits of Ben Roethlisberger’s
increase in passing stats. Roethlisberger has thrown for 506 more yards and one
more TD compared to last season through five games. However, Holmes has not had
the breakout season we expected him to. Since his Week 1, 131-yard game he has
yet to reach the endzone since. Rashard Mendenhall ran well again despite the
limited amount of touches. Willie Parker has struggled to get back on the
field, which will allow Mendenhall to remain the starter. Update: Mendenahall
has contracted the flu and Parker is going to start.


Buccaneers at


It was just like old
times: Donavan McNabb returned to the lineup and he lit up the Buccaneers.
Brian Westbrook get back into the endzone but received just six carries. DeSean
Jackson was defended well by the Bucs so Jeremy Maclin stepped up and burned
them for 142 yards and two TDs. Jackson and Maclin make a very good young duo
for the future.

Even though the Eagles
blew the Buccaneers out, they still had a good productive day out of Josh
Johnson and Kellen Winslow. The running game hit a wall as Cadillac Williams
ran for eight yards on 10 carries. Derrick Ward did not fare as well with just
37 yards.


Redskins at

Carolina Panthers

This was a slow-grinding
game where no one really had a great day. Clinton Portis scored twice but ran
for just 57 yards on 19 carries. With the team now in last place, will they
make a change at QB? A trade before the deadline?

The Panthers came back
from 15 points down, and to be honest I didn’t think they were going to the way
they were playing. It was good to see Jonathan Stewart back in action. The
Panthers need to run the ball more with DeAngelo Williams and Stewart because
the passing game is just subpar. Steve Smith has yet to score a TD, and that is
a big problem for this team.


Jets at


Classic Jets vs. Dolphins
matchup where the Dolphins pulled it out at the end. Chad Henne outperformed
Mark Sanchez, and I’ve been picking Henne up as my No. 2 in deep leagues. The
running game as well as the Wildcat was working well and the Dolphins won
because of it. Hello Ted Ginn, welcome back since Week 2. He only had two
passes thrown his way but he turned one into a TD. He still isn’t worth owning
yet in leagues.

Braylon Edwards made his
team debut with the Jets and proved to be a good move as Jerricho Cotchery’s
hamstring did not allow him to go the whole game. Edwards scored and should
have had a second TD but was ruled out at the 1-yard line where Thomas Jones
punched it in. Jones scored twice for the second time this season but we would
like to see more yards. This is being hampered by Leon Washington who is
receiving almost as many carries as Jones. David Clowney played as the second WR
and posted 72 yards. The Jets tried to execute some Wldcat plays and were

The Golden
Mug Award

Awarded to the fantasy player who came through for their team.

Miles Austin – 10 rec. for
250 yards, 2 TDs. The Cowboys needed someone to step up and make a play and

Austin did that with 119
of his yards and both his TDs coming at the end of the game and in overtime.

Roddy White – 8 rec. for
210 yards, 2 TDs. White exploded even though Michael Turner was running it in
three times. This is the type of games White is capable of.

Jeremy Maclin – 6 rec.
for 142 yards, 2 TDs. The rookie got his second start and made the most of it,
scoring his first TDs of his career. Pick him up while you still can.

The Urinal
Cake Award

Awarded to the fantasy player who you would like to, well you know.

Chris Cooley – 0 rec.
Cooley did not even receive a pass thrown his way. If they are going to use him
to just block, he may not be worth starting.

DeSean Jackson – 1 rec. for
1 yards. Jackson had a great matchup as you saw how well Maclin did but didn’t
benefit from the big day Donavan McNabb had.

Mohamed Massaquoi – 1
rec. for 16 yards. He saw six passes but was only able to catch one of Derek
Anderson’s two completions. As the No. 1 receiver on the team. It is going to
be a long year for him. Let’s see if owners drop him as fast as they rushed to
pick him up.


The matchups
I like this week for QBs:

David Garrard against the
Rams. It’s always great when you have a team you can play that will get your
players back on track. MJD will get his runs but Garrard will be throwing all
over the field. After the beating the Jaguars took last week, they will look to
take it out on the Rams, who are allowing 29.2 points (31st) and 237.2 passing
yards per game (25th). The Rams are averaging 6.8 points per game so a come-from-behind
win is not likely.

Donovan McNabb against
the Raiders. Does it get any easier for McNabb? Though he doesn’t have the Rams
to pick on, he has the next best thing – the Raiders. The Raiders are giving up
26 points per game (27th) and are allowing 382 total yards (31st). Start all
your Eagles for this one.

Matt Hasselbeck against
the Cardinals. Hasselbeck showed how different the offense is when he’s
healthy. The Cardinals give up the most passing yards in the league at 303
(32nd). Both teams have a poor run game and we will see each offense throwing
the ball a lot. Start your receivers, bench your RBs.

The Matchups
I like this week for RBs:

Willie Parker against the
Browns. With Rashard Mendenhall dealing with the flu, this could be Parker’s
last chance this season to prove he belongs as the starter. He’ll be facing the
Browns, who have given up 170.4 RuYDs per game (32nd). Only the Texans have
given up more rushing touchdowns; the Browns have allowed eight.

Knowshon Moreno against
the Chargers.

has been running well and he has a good matchup against a division rival that
hasn’t played the run well. The Chargers are allowing 25.5 points per game
(25th) and 151 rushing yards (27th) with six rushing TDs allowed. The Broncos
can put serious distance in the standings if they can beat the Chargers.

Thomas Jones against the
Bills. When you’re playing a team that is struggling like the Bills, who
managed just three points last week against the Browns, you want to pound the
ball and put points on the board. Mark Sanchez needs to be a little more
conservative, and this is a game where he can ride the run game. The Bills are
allowing 23.2 points per game (20th) and 154.6 rushing yards (29th) with seven RuTDs
given up.

matchups I don’t like this week for QBs:

Philip Rivers against the
Broncos. The Broncos are playing very good defense and the Chargers have become
one-dimensional since they can’t run the ball. The Broncos defense has been
stingy, allowing only 8.6 points per game (first) and holding opponents to
171.8 passing yards (fifth). The Broncos remember how they lost to the Chargers
last year and will be looking for payback.

Derek Anderson against
the Steelers.

could only complete two passes last week against a poor Bills defense, so when
he faces the Steelers he will continue to struggle. The Steelers are allowing
19.6 points per game (15th) and are allowing just 219.6 passing yards (14th).
The Steelers have not lost to the Browns since Oct. 5, 2003. They have won 11
straight since then.

Trent Edwards against the
Jets. Do you think Bills fans miss J.P. Losman? He didn’t play well but Edwards
has been horrible this season. Losman started for the Las Vegas Locomotives,
throwing for 226 yards and two TDs. Edwards, however, must face a Jets team
that lost a close one Monday night and will not look past the Bills. The Jets
are allowing 17.6 points per game (eighth) with 194.4 passing yards allowed (eighth).
Edwards is averaging only 167 passing yards over the past three games while
throwing one TD to five INTs and being sacked 12 times.

The matchups I don’t like this week for RBs:

Steve Slaton against the
Bengals. Slaton is being replaced at the goal line by Chris Brown, who could
not run the ball in at the end of the game last week. Slaton has been getting
the majority of the carries but hasn’t been made the big plays he did last
year. He faces a Bengals team that has been a surprise this season and defends
the run well. They are allowing 18 points per game (eighth) and 98.8 rushing
yards (12th).

Chris Johnson against the
Patriots. The team’s lack of a pass game and the defense playing poorly has led
to teams stopping the Titans run game. Johnson has only had two bad games, but
if teams can stack to box he won’t have room to run. The Patriots defense is
allowing 18.2 points per game (11th) and only 96.8 rushing yards (11th) with
just one rushing TD given up this season.

Kevin Smith against the
Packers. If Calvin Johnson sits out this game, the Packers will have no need to
double team any receiver and they will have another defender in the box to
force the Lions to throw. Smith is facing his third tough matchup in a row, and
the Packers defense, although they haven’t been dominant, have had an extra
week to prepare for the Lions. They are allowing 112.2 rushing yards (20th) but
have given up just two rushing TDs this season.

Good luck to everyone in
Week 6.


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