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Week 7: Fantasy Mid-Season

Welcome to week seven of the Brew Crew Corner. We are at the midpoint for most fantasy leagues that play a 14 week season. The number of games you have to secure a playoff spot is dwindling and now is the time to make your deals and gear up for the push.

The Patriots travel to London the play the Buccaneers. The last year the Saints beat the Chargers 37-32, but now the British fans will have high expectations of New England torching a poor Tampa Team. Could they put up 59 points like they did last week? Probably not but this will be a lopsided game. Commissioner Rodger Goodell said there will be an NFL team one day in London. Could you imagine the Seahawks flying to London for a game? That’s a 9 hour flight. Personally, I’m not a fan of playing outside the US other than Canada. 

This week we have 6 teams on the bye. This is the most number of teams off in one week along with weeks 8 and 9.

Teams off on the bye week: Ravens, Broncos, Lions, Jaguars, Seahawks, Titans

Top 10 players at the midway point.

TOP 10 QBs

According to Shark Leagues

1. Ben Roethlisberger 129 FTPs

2. Matt Schaub 126 FTPs

3. Tom Brady 124 FTPs

4. Joe Flacco 113 FTPs

5. Peyton Manning IND QB 112 FTPs

6. Aaron Rodgers GBP QB 110 FTPs

7. Drew Brees 105 FTPs

8. David Garrard 102 FTPs

9. Brett Favre 99 FTPs

10. Kyle Orton 99 FTPs

TOP 10 RBs

According to Shark Leagues

1. Maurice Jones-Drew 149 FTPs

2. Adrian Peterson 145 FTPs

3. Ray Rice, Ray BAL RB 138 FTPs

4. Chris Johnson 119 FTPs

5. Cedric Benson 113 FTPs

6. Ronnie Brown 111 FTPs

7. Steve Slaton 105 FTPs

8. Kevin Smith 104 FTPs

9. Steven Jackson 103 FTPs

10. Thomas Jones 103 FTPs

TOP 10 WRs

According to Shark Leagues

1. Steve Smith (NYG) 116 FTPs

2. Andre Johnson 114 FTPs

3. Hines Ward 110 FTPs

4. Randy Moss 109 FTPs

5. Reggie Wayne 100 FTPs

6. Larry Fitzgerald 99 FTPs

7. Chad Ochocinco 90 FTPs

8. Wes Welker 90 FTPs

9. Roddy White 88 FTPs

10. Nate Burleson 87 FTPs

TOP 10 TEs

According to Shark Leagues

1. Owen Daniels 90 FTPs

2. Dallas Clark 89 FTPs

3. Heath Miller 88 FTPs

4. Antonio Gates 81 FTPs

5. Kellen Winslow 80 FTPs

6. Brent Celek 77 FTPs

7. Chris Cooley 67 FTPs

8. Tony Gonzalez 66 FTPs

9. Vernon Davis 65 FTPs

10. John Carlson 62 FTPs

TOP 10 PKs

According to Shark Leagues

1. Lawrence Tynes PK 76 FTPs

2. Ryan Longwell 68 FTPs

3. Stephen Gostkowski PK 65 FTPs

4. Matt Prater PK 60 FTPs

5. Mason Crosby PK 57 FTPs

6. David Akers PK 54 FTPs

7. Nate Kaeding PK 53 FTPs

8. Jay Feely PK 52 FTPs

9. Olindo Mare PK 50 FTPs

10. Rian Lindell PK 49 FTPs


According to Shark Leagues

1. Broncos 96 FTPs

2. Giants 88 FTPs

3. Eagles 85 FTPs

4. Saints 84 FTPs

5. Vikings 82 FTPs

6. 49ers 75 FTPs

7. Packers 71 FTPs

8. Bills 68 FTPs

9. Seahawks 66 FTPs

10. Bengals 65 FTPs

The Golden Mug Award

Awarded to the fantasy player who came through for their team.

Tom Brady- 29 for 34, 380 PaYDs and 6 TDs. Brady played pitch and catch with his receivers and it was a slaughter for the Titans. 5 TDs in one quarter is just crazy. Brady is now the #3 fantasy QB behind Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Schaub. Hopefully Brady is back to his true form for good.

Maurice Jones-Drew- 33 car for 133 3 RuTDs and 31 ReYDs. MJD was the offense as he scored all the TDs on this game for the Jaguars. Jones-Drew has 8 TDs through 6 games.

Ray Rice- 10 car for 70 RuYDs 2 RuTDs and 117 ReYDs. When you have a player that can score you points receiving as well as rushing you have a player that serves as two fantasy players on your team.

The Urinal Cake Award

Awarded to the fantasy player who you would like to, well you know.

Eddie Royal- 0 Rec 0 TDs. Why is Royal on the list? He ran back two TDs right? yes he did but if you play in a league that doesn’t reward individual return TDs you didn’t benefit from those scores unless you had the Broncos defense. Royal saw just 4 targets all game after getting 15 targets last week and has yet to reach the have a receiving TD.

Steve Smith (CAR)- 1 rec 4 ReYDs 0 TDs. Playmakers make plays but when they are not part of the offensive plays, it’s hard to do much. This is a WR that had 1417 ReYDs last season and is now on pace for just 828.

Willis McGahee- 7 car 3 RuYDs 0 TDs. McGahee started hot this season and over the past two weeks has become just a spectator to Ray Rice. Unless there is an injury, McGahee should not be used in your lineup.

Extra- Kerry Collins and the Titans- Collins had 2 passes for 12 yards and the Titans gave up 59 points. Just embarrasing.


The matchups I like this week for QBs:

Aaron Rodgers against the Browns. When you’re playing a team that can’t generate offense like the Browns and then you add in the fact that they are allowing 24.7 points per game (26th) with 407.3 total yards (32nd) and 242.0 PaYDs (23rd). You’re looking at one of the two best matchups of the week. Not to mention the Browns have 12 people out with the flu including lineman Shaun Rodgers and it’s going to be a big day for Green Bay.

Matt Ryan against the Cowboys. The Cowboys defense is not what it was last season. So far they have had trouble rushing the QB with only 10 sacks and this season and that has led to just 2 INTs which is lowest in the NFL. The Cowboys are allowing 251.4 passing yards a game (26th) with 8 PaTDs giving up. Ryan has been finding Roddy White more the post few games and this is another good opportunity for both of them.

Peyton Manning against the Rams. As I stated in the Rodgers write up, the best matchup is Rodgers and the other is Manning against the Rams. The Rams are giving up 28.2 points per game (30th) with 252.0 PaYDs (27th). Manning is coming off a bye and has plenty of time to dissect how he will pick the defense apart.

The Matchups I like this week for RBs:

DeAngelo Williams against the Bills. The Bills won last week ran over by the Jets as Thomas Jones alone had 210 RuYDs. The Bills give up 21.5 points per game and are allowing 181.8 RuYDs (32nd) with 8 RuTDs allowed. Williams is running well as he is coming off a 152 RuYD game with two scores.

Lawrence Maroney against the Buccaneers. I haven’t gone mad, nor am I drinking the Maroney Kool-aid but he’s got a great matchup in London when he faces the Bucs who can’t stop the run. The Bucs are allowing 28 points per game (28th) and allowing 171.7 RuYDs with 6 TDs surrendered. If you’ve picked Maroney off waivers, this game will be good trade value for you to get rid of him and grab someone that will help you during the playoff run.

Thomas Jones against the Raiders. Jones ran like a beast last week breaking two long runs and racking up yards. Look for the Jets to lean on the run as they try to settle Mark Sanchez down and keep it conservative. The Raiders are struggling on run defense giving up 23.2 points per game (23rd) with 145.3 RuYDs (28th) and 7 RuTDs. The team is dealing with the Tom Cable situation as another distraction but no charges were filed.

The matchups I don’t like this week for QBs:

Jason Campbell against the Eagles. The team is in turmoil and it’s going to get a lot worse down the stretch once the division losses mount up. The Eagles coming off an embarrasing loss to the Raiders will look to take care of business against the Redskins as they look to keep pace in the division. The Redskins have brought in a new offensive coordinator who has just a week to put a game plan together. That’s never a good situation when the team is generating just 294 total yards (23rd). This could be Jim Zorn’s last week of coaching. The Eagles are allowing just 179.0 PaYDs (5th) and are tied for the league lead with 11 INTs.

Chad Henne against the Saints. The Saints did a great Job to limit Eli Manning. Even though they gave up 3 passing TDs, they have only surrendered 5 on the season. The Saints defense is allowing 217.8 (15th) and 18.0 points per game (10th).Chad Henne has played well over the past 3 games throwing 4 PaTDs to just 1 INT. However, if the Saints jump out in front, it will force Henne to have to make plays which he will have trouble doing against this team.

Kurt Warner against the Giants. I know that Drew Brees lit the Giants up for 369 PaYDs and 4 TDs but even with a game like that, the Giants are still first in the league in PaYDs allowed with 148.8. Warner doesn’t move in the pocket like Brees and the Cardinals don’t play well on the road on the East Coast. Expect the Giants to bring the house in this game.

The matchups I don’t like this week for RBs:

Rashard Mendenhall against the Vikings. This is going to be a tough game. Mendenhall might get a goaline TD but he’s going to find it hard to run on the Vikings. The Vikings are allowing 93.5 RuYDs 9th with just 2 RuTDs allowed. Willie Parker will also be in the mix.

Cadillac Williams against the Patriots. The Patriots manhandled the Titans and it wasn’t pretty. Chris Johnson was the only offense but Williams isn’t the runner Johnson is right now. Williams ran for just 77 RuYDs on a poor Panthers run defense. The Patriots are not tops in the league in run defense as they are holding teams to 112.8 RuYDs (20th) but the Bucs will be playing from behind and will abandon the run.

Jamal Lewis against the Packers. It’s bad enough the Browns passing game is 31st in the league and players are missing time to the Flu. Lewis has yet to score a TD and it will be another week against the Packers defense. The packers are giving up 18.6 points per game with 105.4 RuYDs (16th).

Good luck to everyone in week seven.


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