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Week 7 in Survivor Pools

Thanks to Mr. Tomlinson & the


, I have survived another week and hopefully you did too. With the win, I have improved

my record to 6-0 on the season


How Did I Do in Week 6?


over Raiders =





over Vikings =





over RAMS =



= My Week 6 Pick


. I hope you listened and avoided

Seattle at home in Week 6 against the Saints who were desperate for a win. The Seahawks were banged up and did not get off to a good start, which allowed the Saints to roll in this one.

On to Week 7…

* * * * * REDSKINS

over Cardinals – The Skins should and need to rebound this week at home after a tough road loss to the Packers. They could easily be 5-0 this season, but are 3-2. With a win against a potential Kurt Warner-less

Arizona team, they would improve to 4-2 and stay in the thick of things in the NFC. A loss would drop them into the muck at 3-3 and they don’t want to be there. Expect the Skins to come out and play very well.

* * * * SAINTS

over Falcons – The only reason this game does not have 5 stars is because the Saints have not proved anything yet. They have a nice road win in primetime over the struggling Seahawks, but they must show for another week that they won’t revert back the dismal 0-4 Saints team. The Falcons are the main reason why the Saints are a good pick this week as well. They travel to

New Orleans on a short week after they lost at home to the Giants on Monday night football. Receivers are still dropping balls and the offensive line is banged up.

New Orleans will have the crowd behind them after a win and will get their first W at home this week.



over Jets = The Bengals are in disarray, but the Jets are in even worse shape. Cincy finally faces a team that won’t be able to keep up with their offense.


I am torn on the Giants-49ers game this week. As a Giants fan, I would recommend you going somewhere else. I still expect the Giants to win, but coming off a short week, the Giants will be sluggish early. It depends on what

San Francisco can do in the 1st half. If they can that struggling offense going early, they’ll be in good shape. However, that’s the question. Latest reports are that Alex Smith and Vernon Davis will be limited in practice, but should give it a go on Sunday. This could be a good thing, but if Smith is not ready for game action yet, he may be in for a long day. There are just too many question marks in this game for me. I would love to take the Giants, but they have won four straight and always seem to lose the game that they

should win.


: There are a lot of options this week which makes it even more difficult to select a team. I would like to take the Skins, but I want to save them for Week 9 when they travel to the Jets. I hate taking road teams, but if I am alive in Week 9, some things you just have to throw out the window. There are not many options with the Colts facing the Pats that week. I had my mind set on taking Cincy this week, but the controversy surrounding Pennington in NY this week scares me that he could come out and shut the media up. If you’re not into the “saving teams” theory, take Washington. However, I’ve decided it’s all or nothing. There is no prize for 49th place. Unless you have under ten people left in your pool, there will still be people alive in Week 9. With all of that said, I think I’ll cross my fingers and hope

this Bush doesn’t disappoint me. That’s right, let’s go


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